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London, United Kingdom
PartyUK Independence Party

Gerard Batten (born 27 March 1954) was a British MEP for London and was leader of the UK Independence Party.[1]

Prodi allegation

Gerard Batten raised allegations that Romano Prodi was a KGB agent during the 2006 Italian election campaign, at a time when Prodi was the front-runner, according to the EU Reporter:

In his one-minute speech during Strasbourg plenary, Gerard Batten (UK, IN/DEM) told how Alexander Litvinenko, a former Lieutenant Colonel in the FSB, the successor to the KGB, and currently living under political asylum in the UK, was informed by FSB deputy chief, General Anatole Trofimov of the high amount of communist activity operating in Italy. With reference to the KGB, Litvinenko was told, “Romano Prodi is our man there”.[2]


On September 11 2007, Gerard Batten accepted a petition from Anders Gravers protesting a ban on a Brussels demonstration by Stop Islamisation of Europe.[3]

Counterjihad Europa

Gerard Batten spoke at the Counterjihad Brussels 2007 Conference in October 2007.[4]

"Kidnapping" Assange

Assange is subject to "legalised kidnap"

On 24 February 2011, RT interviewed Gerard Batten about the issuing of a European Arrest Warrant against Julian Assange. Batten said he was firmly opposed the use of such a warrant calling it "legalised kidnap".[5]

Exposing the Bilderberg Group

On 12 September 2011, at the European Parliament, Batten made the following one-minute speech questioning why commercially-controlled media do not report Bilderberg meetings:

Why don't the corporate media report on Bilderberg meetings?

“Thank you, Mr. President. The [European] Commission have recently replied to my written question confirming that Commissioners [Joaquin] Almunia and [Neelie] Kroes attended the Bilderberg meeting in St. Moritz in June. The Commission cannot tell me details of what was discussed, but that surely the Bilderberg meetings do not take decisions.

If Bilderberg meetings are just talking shops, why do the most powerful figures from around the world, including George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, bother to attend? What other summit of world leaders in politics, finance and business would go completely unreported in the mainstream media such as the BBC?

It’s impossible not to reach the conclusion that the non-reporting of these events is anything other than a conspiracy between the [Bilderberg] organisers and the media. It merely confirms the belief of many that the hidden agenda and purpose of the Bilderberg Group is to bring about undemocratic world government. It’s a disgrace that the European Commission is colluding in that.”
Gerard Batten (12 September 2011)  [6]

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CounterJihad/Brussels Conference18 October 200719 October 2007
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