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In UK politics, the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) is the parliamentary party of the Labour Party in Parliament: Labour MPs as a collective body.[1]

Commentators on the British Constitution sometimes draw a distinction between the Labour Party (which was created outside Parliament and later achieved office) and the Conservative and Liberal parties (which began as parliamentary factions). The term Parliamentary Labour Party properly refers to the party in parliament, whereas the term Labour Party refers to the entire Labour Party, the parliamentary faction of which is the PLP.

Originally, the Leader of the Labour Party was elected by the PLP. Now, however, the party operates on a one-member, one-vote system, where all members are awarded a single vote, as well as affiliated organisations – trade unions and socialist societies – and temporary registered supporters. The Alternative Vote (AV) system is used to conduct the leadership election.[2]

The current chair of the PLP is John Cryer MP, brother-in-law of Labour leadership hopeful, Rachel Reeves.[3]


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