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Group.png Institute of World Politics  
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FormationJuly 1990
FounderJohn Lenczowski
HeadquartersWashington DC, USA
Interests“National security”
Membership• John Lovewell
• Owen T. Smith
• Karla Ahmanson
• Stephen A. Fausel
• Sean Fieler
• Carlos Fonts
• John K. Garvey
• Mario M. Kranjac
• John Lenczowski
• Heidi Le Baron Leupp
• Tidal W. McCoy
• Long V. Nguyen
• Jack Nicholson (U.S. Army)
• Edward Reilly
• Peter Schaumber
• William Shaw
• Donald V. Smith
• Dale Timothy White
• Jacqueline T. Wieland
• Aldona Z. Wos
• Luanne D. Zurlo
• Neil Alpert
• Karen Armstrong
• Adam Bak
• Bill Bruner
• Lawrence W. Casey
• Kelley DeConciliis
• Carlos Fonts Jr
• Matthew Gensler
• David Hakman
• David Haynes
• Lynzie Haynes
• Stephen J. Klimczuk
• Hal Lambert
• Patty Sue Mozart
• Marc Radasky
• Philip Rice
• Susanna Rice Ross
• Jenifer Smyth
• John Smyth
• Jasjeet S. Sood
• Leigh Sudbrink
• Barry R. Sullivan
• Anita Winsor
• Suzan Zimmerman
• Terry Balderson
• Donald E. Bently
• Kenneth M. Crosby
• Beverly Danielson
• Kenneth E. de Graffenreid
• James G. Jatras
• Jeffrey D. Ludwig
• Thomas P. Melady
• Alfred S. Regnery
• Joseph A. Reyes
• Francis X. Ryan
• Thomas L. Phillips
• B. Francis Saul III
• Barry R. Sullivan
• Joseph H. Torras
• William H. Webster
• Faith Whittlesey
• Cathy Barrett
• Robert Barrett
• John K. Castle
• John F. Lehman
• J. William Middendorf II
• Robert J. Oster
• Larry Pressler
• Chris Ruddy
• John Train
• Patrick Walsh
• Curtin Winsor Jr
• Norman Bailey
• Sven Kraemer

The Institute of World Politics was founded by Cercle visitor John Lenczowski.

Official narrative

According to Wikipedia, John Lenczowski founded the IWP as "a private academic institution dedicated to teaching all the arts of statecraft in service of the defense of American liberty, including: diplomacy, military strategy, peacemaking, public diplomacy, opinion formation and political warfare, intelligence and counterintelligence, homeland security, economic strategy, and moral leadership."

Deep political connections

The institute has various connections to Le Cercle. It was founded by John Lenczowski, and fellow Le Cercle member Norman Bailey has worked on the staff. Another Cercle member Sven Kraemer has been a guest lecturer. The members list is the Board of Trustees, Board of Advisors and Honorary Advisors from March 2022.[1]