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Group.png Club de Berne  
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Formation 1971
Founder Fedricio Umberto D'Amato
Shadowy group of intelligence agencies of the 28 states of the European Union (EU), Norway and Switzerland.

The Club de Berne is an intelligence sharing forum between the Intelligence agencies of the 28 states of the European Union (EU), Norway and Switzerland.

Official narrative

As of July 2016, Wikipedia had a page for this group, though lacking material from commercially-controlled media it was very sparse.[1] The intelligence agencies themselves have tended not to publicise it in recent years, and have not maintained old pages about it. Wikipedia claims that it is an institution based on voluntary exchange of secrets, experience and views as well as discussing problems.[2][3] The Club has existed since 1971[citation needed] and has no secretariat and takes no decisions.[citation needed]


The group, named after the city of Bern, is widely believed to have started in 1971. Fedricio Umberto D'Amato claimed to have initiated the group in Alan Francovich's film.[4] Another report claims that the Swiss Bundespolizei (Bupo) and the inland service Inland-Dienst started the group in 1969.[5]

Counter Terrorist Group

The Counter Terrorist Group (CTG) is an offshoot of the Club and shares "terrorism" intelligence. It provides threat assessments to EU policy makers and provides a form for expert collaboration.[2][3] The Group was created after 9/11 to further intelligence sharing cooperation between European intelligence structures.[6] CTG, like the Club, is outside of the EU's institutions but communicates with them via the participation of the EU Intelligence Analysis Centre (EU INTCEN) (a branch of the European External Action Service).[3] It is reported to "focuses on militant Islamist "terrorism"".[7]


The group is reported to host regular meetings. These are variously reported as "frequent"[8], twice yearly[9] or "annual".[10]