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Luke Harding

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[[Display born on::21 April 1968| ]]
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BornLuke Daniel Harding
21 April 1968
Alma materUniversity College (Oxford)

Luke Harding is a British journalist who is a foreign correspondent for The Guardian who was expelled from Russia in 2011. 'Blackcatte' referred to him as "the Guardian's #1 Russia-Hater".[1]

Expulsion from Russia

Harding and was based in Russia from 2007 until, returning from a stay in the UK on 5 February 2011, he was refused re-entry to Russia and deported back the same day.[2] The Guardian said his expulsion was linked to critical articles he wrote on Russia, a claim denied by the Russian government. After the reversal of the decision on 9 February 2011 and the granting of a short-term visa, Harding chose not to seek a further visa extension. His 2011 book "Mafia State" discusses his experience in Russia and the political system under Vladimir Putin.[3]

[[Display born on::21 April 1968| ]] 

A Quote by Luke Harding

Orbis Business Intelligence“The @Telegraph story claiming a link between Sergei #Skripal and Christopher Steele's company Orbis is wrong, I understand. Skripal had nothing to do with Trump dossier. Skripal had nothing to do with Trump dossier.”2018Twitter

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