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Group.png Dangerous Speech Project  
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FounderSusan Benesch
Interests“Hate speech”, Hate, “Misinformation”
Sponsored byFord Foundation, Open Society Foundations
An Open Society funded organisation.

The Dangerous Speech Project campaigns for Big Tech censorship. They intend to help people understand the link between speech and violence. The group describes Dangerous Speech as "any form of expression (speech, text, or images) that can increase the risk that its audience will condone or participate in violence against members of another group". The slippery slope is well greased.

The group was founded by Susan Benesch with a grant from the MacArthur Foundation.[1] Wikipedia describes her as a "free speech advocate, (who recommends) the use of counterspeech rather than censorship to delegitimize harmful speech.


Donald Trump incited violence through the 2021 Washington D.C. Riots, and that justified his permanent ban from Twitter.[2] Another blog post defended Liz Cheney after she got criticised by Republican colleagues for promoting internet censorship.[3] COVID misinformation should be censored as it is allowing the virus to spread and harm people.[4]


  • Tracking and studying dangerous speech in many countries
  • Researching effective responses to dangerous speech and other forms of harmful expression
  • Advising social media and other tech companies on their policies, and encouraging them to engage in transparent research
  • Teaching dangerous speech ideas to a variety of people who use them to study and counter dangerous speech


The organisation as a number of corporate sponsors:[5]



Ford FoundationIn addition to its own billionaire agenda, also known to have been $$$ middleman for covert CIA funding.
Open Society FoundationsA NGO operating in more countries than McDonald's. It has the tendency to support politicians (at times through astroturfing) and activists that get branded as "extreme left" as its founder is billionaire and bane of the pound George Soros. This polarizing perspective causes the abnormal influence of the OSF to go somewhat unanswered.
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