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Page nameDateAttributed toPerpetrator(s)Description
2014 Kunming AttackXinjiang
A possible deep event in where assailants pulled out knifes at a train station and stabbed random passengers. Although no group claimed responsibility, Muslim Xinjiang "terrorists" were blamed. As official reaction, the Chinese government ramped up their efforts to mass incarcerate at least 1 million Muslims in Xinjiang.
2016 Berlin attackIslamic State
Anis Amri
Reported truck hijacking in Berlin attributed to ISIL.
2016 Magnanville stabbingPresident Hollande called it “incontestably a terrorist act” and said France was facing a terror threat “of a very large scale”
2017 Westminster attackKhalid MasoodA combined vehicle assault and stabbing at an iconic London location
Itamar attackAmjad Awad Hakim Awad
Jo Cox/MurderThomas Mair


Stabbing victims on Wikispooks

Suzanne JovinA Ph.D student who was researching Ossama Bin Laden before 9-11.
Alexander KaganskyRussian COVID-19 Vaccine researcher found dead
Bob LeeTech businessman who was murdered by an unknown assailant in San Francisco
Anna LindhSwedish Minister of Foreign Affairs assassinated 4 months after attending her first Bilderberg
Dean LorichA US doctor who expressed dissatisfaction about the Clinton Foundation, found dead in with a knife in his chest, declared a suicide
Mary ShermanCancer researcher interested in the JFK Assassination. In 1964 she was stabbed in the heart, arm, leg and stomach and her mattress had been set on fire.
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