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Concept.png Punitive Psychiatry 
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Discipline devoted to the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of mental disorder, can often be just a reinforcement of the prejudices of the era. Open for power abuse since there are less legal safeguards.

Punitive psychiatry, also commonly referred to as political abuse of psychiatry, is the misuse of psychiatry, including diagnosis, detention, and treatment, for the purposes of obstructing the human rights of individuals and/or groups in a society.[1]  In other words, abuse of psychiatry (including that for political purposes) is the deliberate action of having citizens psychiatrically diagnosed who need neither psychiatric restraint nor psychiatric treatment.

Since forced psychiatry often has less legal recourse than criminal procedures, this can be a more effective and underhand way to punish dissidents. Some forms of treatment, like psychiatric drugs or lobotomy, will often permanently reduce the mental capacity of the patient. In addition, just the use of psychiatric treatments can often create a debilitating social and political stigma.

During COVID-19 punitive psychiatry is used in an attempt to silence and intimate dissidents.

Official narrative

Happens far away in enemy countries, like in the Soviet Union or in the distant past, never by 'us' here and now.


In April, 2020 The corona-critical Swiss doctor Dr Thomas Binder was arrested by a special unit of the Swiss police and sent to a psychiatric clinic. He was later released.[2]

  • In December 2020, Jean-Bernard Fourtillan, a French retired university professor in pharmacology and toxiology, and known for his strong opposition to COVID-19 vaccines, was taken from his temporary home in the south of France by a team of gendarmes (police) and forcibly placed in solitary confinement at the psychiatric hospital of Uzès.[3]
  • In November 2021, Dr. Mel Bruchet, a retired Canadian physician, spoke out about the above background reported still births occurring at Lions Gate Hospital in British Columbia, Canada, caused by Covid-19 vaccines. A few days later, Dr. Bruchet was taken against his will and had a psychiatric diagnosis assigned to him so that he can be ‘medicated’.

Other examples


The Duplessis Orphans were several thousand orphaned children that were falsely certified as mentally ill by the government of the province of Quebec, Canada, and confined to psychiatric institutions. [4]


In 2018 a French court ordered French member of parliament and leader of the National Front Marine Le Pen to submit to a psychiatric evaluation as part of its investigation into her decision to post images of Islamic State executions on Twitter.[5][6][7]

United States


  • "5150 (involuntary psychiatric hold)" – There are many instances of usage of California law section 5150, which allows for involuntary psychiatric hold based on the opinion of a law enforcement official, psychological professional (or many other individuals who hold no qualification for making psychological assessment), which have been challenged as being unrelated to safety, and misused as an extension of political power.[21]

New York

Whistleblowers who part ranks with their organizations have had their mental stability questioned, such as, for example, NYPD veteran Adrian Schoolcraft who was coerced to falsify crime statistics in his department and then became a whistleblower. In 2010 he was forcibly committed to a psychiatric hospital.[22]

Soviet Union

During the leadership of General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev, psychiatry was used to disable and remove from society political opponents ("dissidents") who openly expressed beliefs that contradicted the official dogma.

The "anti-Soviet" political behavior of some individuals – being outspoken in their opposition to the authorities, demonstrating for reform, and writing critical books – were defined simultaneously as criminal acts (e.g., a violation of Articles 70 or 190-1), symptoms of mental illness (e.g., "delusion of reformism"), and susceptible to a ready-made diagnosis (e.g., "sluggish schizophrenia"). Within the boundaries of the diagnostic category, the symptoms of pessimism, poor social adaptation and conflict with authorities were themselves sufficient for a formal diagnosis of "sluggish schizophrenia."[23]


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