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(model, whistleblower)
Iman Fadil.jpg
Died1 March 2019
Milan, Italy
Cause of death
ExposedSilvio Berlusconi
Victim ofassassination
An assassinated model.

Imam Fadil was a Moroccan-born model who attended Silvio Berlusconi’s bunga-bunga dinners, testified against him in 2012 and was reportedly writing a book about them.[1] She died in hospital, reportedly of radioactive poisoning.[2]


Iman Fadil was a model and regularly attended Berlusconi's sex parties. She was reported to have been writing a book about them.[1]


Iman Fadil testified against Silvio Berlusconi in 2012. In June 2013 Berlusconi was found guilty of paying her for sex, and of abuse of power. However, the case was eventually overturned in 2014.[1]


“I’m still paying dearly for my testimony at the trial against Berlusconi,” Fadil said in an interview with la Repubblica a few days before being admitted to hospital.[3]

Iman Fadil first felt unwell on 29 January 2019.[4] She "told her relatives and lawyer that she was afraid she had been poisoned". She died of progressive organ failure on 1 March 2019 after a "month of agony".[5]

A toxicology test has established that the former model died of “a mixture of radioactive substances”.[6] Italian police opened a murder investigation.[5]

The Guardian headlined a story on 22 March Italian 'bunga bunga' witness not killed with radioactive poison [7]

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