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(dental hygienist, politician, fixer, procuress)
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Born11 March 1985
Alma materVita-Salute San Raffaele University
Interests • bunga bunga
• Silvio Berlusconi
Interest ofImane Fadil
PartyIl Popolo della Libertà

Nicole Minetti is a television personality and former regional Italian politician of the Lombardy Region. She was a procuress for former PM Silvio Berlusconi's sex parties.

Early Life

Graduated from high school in Rimini, she then moved to Milan, where she obtained a first level degree in dental hygiene at the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University; she subsequently obtained a second level degree in Sciences of the technical-assistance health professions.


From 2007 to 2009 she participated in various TV shows, including as "hit model".

Minetti was elected regional councilor in Lombardy in 2010, by virtue of her candidacy in the list of President of Lombardy Roberto Formigoni[1]; her inclusion in this list ensured that she would be on the shortlist of candidates that would be automatically elected in case of victory of the list.

It is alleged that her candidacy in this list was "desired at all costs"[2] by the then Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi who had met her at an advertising stand[3], where Minetti worked as a hostess, and that, according to her statements, he would later give her bracelets. The paths of Minetti and Berlusconi cross again on the occasion of the attack on Prime Minister in Piazza Duomo in Milan, where a mentally ill man wielding a statue of the Milan cathedral attacked Berlusconi and broke his teeth[4]. During Berlusconi's hospitalization following the injuries suffered, Minetti worked as a dental hygienist at the San Raffaele in Milan where he was treated[5].

Minetti first rose to the fore in the political and media news in the winter of 2010 precisely because of the anomalous candidacy that allowed her to forge ahead despite the absence of any previous political experience. At the time there were not a few grumbles within the party.

Involvement in the Ruby case

She then returned to being talked about at the end of October 2010 on the occasion of her involvecallment in the Ruby case (or Rubygate), the case of the seventeen-year-old Moroccan who ended up in the police station for a suspicion of theft and then, within a few hours, put back in freedom thanks to a phone call from Silvio Berlusconi himself. Minetti is under investigation by the Milanese prosecutor for aiding and abetting prostitution. In addition to her, the then director of TG4 Emilio Fede and the manager and talent scout Lele Mora, already involved with Fabrizio Corona in the Vallettopoli scandal, appear among the suspects.[6]

In a wiretap leaked by unknown sources (presumably a deep state faction wanting to topple Berlusconi) to the press, Minetti said "You see all sorts of things" to woman about to attend a Berlusconi party. The woman then told a friend it was like a "(brothel) in which everybody entertains themselves as they wish," and that Berlusconi was like a "caricature," according to the wiretaps.

On the night of May 27, 2010 Minetti, at the request of the Premier, went to the Milanese police headquarters to sign the custody of Ruby, then a minor, at that moment held by the police because she was suspected of theft. Minetti distanced himself from the minor by stating that Ruby is only an acquaintance of hers, not a friend: she justifies her going to the police station late at night to pick up the girl as a favor requested from her directly by the premier. Despite the minor's family custody obtained by the juvenile judge, Minetti denies having ever guaranteed taking charge of the girl[6].

In 2012 she came out stating that he also had relationships with women[7]. Subsequently, the showgirl Marysthell Garcia Polanco, also involved in the Ruby case, confirmed that she had had relations with Minetti[8]. More than 3kg of cocaine was found in the cellar of a flat allegedly provided free to one of Berlusconi's guests at his villa outside Milan. The drugs were part of a haul of more than 12kg allegedly belonging to García Polanco's boyfriend. He was arrested while driving a car belonging to Nicole Minetti.[9]

Convicted for prostitution

In July 2013, Minetti, together with the other two defendants, was sentenced at first instance by the Court of Milan as part of the Ruby bis trial to 5 years of imprisonment and a 5-year ban from public offices, on charges of aiding and abetting prostitution[10]. The charge was reduced on appeal.


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