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ResidenceDonbass,  Ukraine
Interests • 2014 Ukraine coup/Civil war
• Anti-Terrorist-Operation
• Ukrainian death squads
• Tallinn Manual
• “Cyberwarfare”
• Inform and Influence Operations
• Joel Harding
• Myrotvorets
US journalist who has reported from the Donbass area where he lives. Port-scanned the PropOrNot website

George Eliason is a US journalist. He resided in the Donbass area when the civil war broke out and has reported from the region ever since.[1][2]


Eliason has been interviewed by and provided analysis for RT, the BBC, Press-TV and other sources.[3]

Investigative work

He reported about results from port-scanning the PropOrNot website.[4]


Documents by George Eliason

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Document:The Terrorists Among US- Traitors and Terror 3article21 June 2019Intelligence agency
National Security Agency
George Eliason interviews professor Michael Jasinski about the dire effects of outsourcing intelligence gathering and information dissemination.
File:My Encounter with Ukrainian-American Nazi Mark Paslawsky.pdfarticle2 September 20142014 Ukraine coup/Civil war
Azov Battalion
Mark Paslawsky
Ukrainian death squad
Aidar Battalion
Right Sector
Donbas Battalion
The encounter that G. Eliason had with Mark Paslawsky and what it means for him.
File:US Psychological Warfare in Ukraine Targeting Online Independent Media Coverage.pdfarticle20 March 2015Propaganda
2014 Ukraine coup
2014 Ukraine coup/Civil war
Cyberwarfare operations are getting targeted at anyone.


A Quote by George Eliason

"Bucha massacre"“It begs the question why would the Russian army commit this atrocity on civilians wearing neutral white armbands after delivering large quantities of humanitarian aid?”5 April 2022