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ResidenceDonbass,  Ukraine

George Eliason is a US journalist. He resided in the Donbass area when the civil war broke out and has reported from the region ever since.[1][2]


Eliason has been interviewed by and provided analysis for RT, the BBC, Press-TV and other sources.[3]

Investigative work

He reported about results from port-scanning the PropOrNot website.[4]


Documents by George Eliason

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Document:The Terrorists Among US- Traitors and Terror 3article21 June 2019Intelligence agency
National Security Agency
George Eliason interviews professor Michael Jasinski about the dire effects of outsourcing intelligence gathering and information dissemination.
File:My Encounter with Ukrainian-American Nazi Mark Paslawsky.pdfarticle2 September 20142014 Ukraine coup
2014 Ukraine coup/Civil war
The encounter that G. Eliason had with Mark Paslawsky and what it means for him.
File:US Psychological Warfare in Ukraine Targeting Online Independent Media Coverage.pdfarticle20 March 2015Propaganda
2014 Ukraine coup
2014 Ukraine coup/Civil war
Cyberwarfare operations are getting targeted at anyone.
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