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MottoPrepared. responsive. committed.
Parent organizationUS/Department/Homeland Security
HeadquartersWashington DC
LeaderDirector of the Federal Emergency Management Agency
SubgroupsCenter for Domestic Preparedness
Interests“Disaster”, Disaster/Preparation

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is the US governmental arm officially charged with responding to emergencies.


David McGowan wrote that “it is notable that virtually all of FEMA's powers were created by Presidential Executive Order, a notably undemocratic form of legislation. Executive Orders become law as soon as they are recorded; thereis no Congressional or judicial review, and certainly no public approval or even awareness.” [1]


In early 2001, when George W. Bush took office, FEMA warned that a hurricane hitting New Orleans would be the deadliest of the three most likely catastrophes facing America; the others were a massive San Francisco earthquake and a terrorist attack on New York.[2]


FEMA had scheduled Operation TRIPOD for September 12th, 2001, at Pier 92. As Rudy Giuliani testified to the 9-11/Commission: “The equipment was already there, so we were able to establish a command center there, within three days, that was two and a half to three times bigger than the command center that we had lost at 7 World Trade Center [3]


FEMA "investigations" into bombings tend to be carried out by the same small clique of insiders (usually Mete Sozen, Gene Corley, Charles Thornton and Paul Mlakar). The established magazine Fire Engineering was unflinching in its criticism of FEMA's report into the WTC Collapses:

Fire Engineering has good reason to believe that the ‘official Investigation’ blessed by FEMA… is a half-baked farce that may already have been commandeered by political forces whose primary interests, to put it mildly, lie far afield of full disclosure… Respected members of the fire protection engineering community are beginning to raise red flags, and a resonating [result] has emerged: The structural damage from the planes and the explosive ignition of jet fuel in themselves were not enough to bring down the towers….”[4]


FEMA has been severely criticised for their heavy handed approach to dealing with Hurricane Katrina, with Director Michael Brown in particular being "disgraced".[5][6]


An event carried out

National Level Exercise 2009US
NLE09 was a White House-directed, Congressionally-mandated large scale "terrorism" prevention and preparedness exercise. Held July 2009


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Noam Chomsky“I mean, look, there’s a lot of, I think there’s a lot of excessive concern in activist groups about state repression. So take, say, there’s paranoia about concentration camps. You know, they’re gonna lock us up, NDAA says they can detain us indefinitely. Concentration camps have been there since the 50s. Back in the 1950s the liberal Democrats, Humphrey and Lehman, introduced legislation to set up internment camps in case people got out of control. I don’t know, I never followed to see what happened but I know the legislation was passed. But they can’t do anything about it...And if they try they’ll arouse popular reaction. So power really is in the hands of the governed if they’re willing to use it.”Noam ChomskyMay 2012
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