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(academic, deep state functionary)
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DiedMarch 1, 2013
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Coauthored reports to support the US government narrative about 9-11, OKC, Waco. Generally worked as a member of the same tight clique of deep state functionary colleagues.

W. Gene Corley was an academic and US deep state functionary. He worked with a small team to prepare official narratives about "terrorist" bombings.


Corley coauthored a number of reports which support the US government's official narrative about disastrous events, with a tight clique of colleagues.

Waco Fire

Corley was hired by the government to support its claims about the structural fire at the Branch Davidian complex in Waco.[1]

OKC Bombing

Corley explained about the design of the Murrah Building, "if a critical element fails, it may start a chain reaction of successive failures that collapses the whole building. "A majority of the fatalities were caused not by the force of the bomb blast itself, but by the progressive collapse of the building's floors which depended on the support of a few key columns that the bomb destroyed."[2] He worked with Paul Mlakar and Mete Sozen under the direction of Charles Thornton, but was not permitted to view the damage directly.[3]

World Trade Center, 9-11

Full article: 9-11/WTC Controlled demolition

Corley was lead investigator on the FEMA World Trade Center Building Performance Study, following the 9/11 attack, working with Paul Mlakar and Mete Sozen.

Pentagon, 9-11

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Corley again worked with Mete Sozen and Paul Mlakar to produce a report on the Pentagon event.

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