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BornDavid W. Green
Alma materTrinity College (Connecticut)

David North (born (David W. Green) is the national chairperson of the Socialist Equality Party (US) and chairperson of the International Editorial Board of the World Socialist Web Site.[1]


David North is the grandson of Ignatz Waghalter, a Jewish-German composer and conductor who had to flee to the USA at the beginning of National Socialism.[2] His mother Beatrice Waghalter Green, who died in 2001, was a successful singer.[3] Due to his family background, North speaks English as his mother tongue as well as the German language.

Political career

North studied history at Trinity College[4] and became politicized by left-wing movements in the United States in 1968.[5] He stated that he was influenced by the Vietnam War, but also by the historical experiences of World War II, fascism and The Holocaust.[6]

After joining the Workers League in 1971, North was Labor Editor of The Bulletin.[7] He covered struggles of the working class, including the coal miners strikes in Kentucky.[8] After Tim Wohlforth was expelled in 1974, North was elected as National Secretary in 1976.[9]

With the ICFI and the support of Workers Revolutionary Party (UK) leader Gerry Healy, North and the Workers League participated in Security and the Fourth International, an investigation into the assassination of Leon Trotsky.[10]

In 1998, North led the change from the print-based Bulletin to the web-based World Socialist Web Site.[11]

The World Socialist Web Site will touch on some deep political subjects. North wrote:

The United States is a country with many dark secrets. It may be the case that the American people will never know who killed Kennedy. But the deeper causes of his death can be explained. The assassination of Kennedy suddenly, in one terrible moment, confronted Americans with the unforeseen and explosive consequences of the interaction between the United States' malignant internal social contradictions and its reactionary and sinister post-World War II role as the world’s leading imperialist power...As for the deeper political significance of Kennedy's assassination, the events of the past decade have further substantiated the half-century appraisal of the event as an initial manifestation of the breakdown, under the pressure of interacting domestic and international contradictions, of American democracy.[12]


A Document by David North

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)
Document:Libya Imperialism and the prostration of Left Intellectualsarticle1 April 20112011 Attacks on Libya
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