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Employment.png Austria/Minister/Environment Youth and Family Affairs
(Minister of Environment,  Minister of Youth,  Minister of Family Affairs)
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Big Pharma owner turned politician Martin Bartenstein was Minister of Environment Youth and Family Affairs 1996-2000.

The Austrian minister tasked with managing these areas.

The Austrian Minister for Environment Youth and Family Affairs is the Austrian minister tasked with managing these areas.


General questions of family policy were first standardized by law in 1966 as the responsibility of the Federal Chancellery. From 1971, the future Minister of Family Affairs, Elfriede Karl, was State Secretary in the Chancellery, inter alia for family issues. With an amendment to the Federal Ministry Act in 1979, the Minister of Finance became responsible, in addition to the matters of family burden compensation, also for those of general family policy.

A separate family ministry exists, built by Sinowatz, since January 1, 1984,[1] and for most of the time led the resort designation Family and Youth. Initially charged with consumer protection, from 1987 it was united with environmental protection.

In 1995/96, under Franz Vranitzky, there was a pure family ministry for a short time, then they returned to the previous form. In 2000-2007, Wolfgang Schüssel renamed the portfolio as Generations, because the interests of the elderly and the intergenerational balance were to be strengthened, and it was moved the Ministry of Social Affairs. Alfred Gusenbauer returned to the original name and handed over the affairs to the Ministry of Health, Werner Faymann to the Ministry of Economics in 2009. But in 2014, he again installed a purely family ministry. Sebastian Kurz brought the family affairs back to the Federal Chancellery in 2018. In 2020-2021 there was a Federal Ministry for Work, Family and Youth, since 2021 Family and Youth are back in the Chancellery.


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