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HeadquartersBerlin, Germany
Sponsored byNorway/Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Membership• Johannes Bohnen
• Jan-Friedrich Kallmorgen
• Alexander Graf Lambsdorff
• Björn Sackniess
• Christoph Schwegmann
• Andrea Stürmer
• Rüdiger C. Sura
• Jan Techau
• Philipp-Christian Wachs
• Magnus Prinz zu Wied
• Tobias Wolny
• Lars Zimmermann
• Rudolf Adam
• Arnulf Baring
• Christoph Bertram
• Philipp von Boehm-Bezing
• Mark Brzezinski
• Jürgen Chrobog
• Thomas L. Farmer
• Klaus-Dieter Frankenberger
• Jeffrey Gedmin
• Helga Haftendorn
• John C. Hulsman
• Michael Inacker
• Jackson Janes
• Marvin Kalb
• Eckart von Klaeden
• Hans-Ulrich Klose
• John Kornblum
• Charles Kupchan
• Kurt Lauk
• Harald Leibrecht
• Beate Lindemann
• Heike MacKerron
• Norbert Otten
• Cem Özdemir
• Ruprecht Polenz
• Avi Primor
• Andrew Rasiej
• Eberhard Sandschneider
• Horst Teltschik
• Karsten Voigt
• William Wallace
One of the transatlantic influence networks in Germany.

The Atlantic Initiative (German: Atlantische Initiative) is an association founded in Berlin in 2004 to “promote German-American friendship and the promotion of science and research in the field of international relations”. With its work, the association wants to make a contribution to strengthening transatlantic relations and steer foreign policy in certain directions.

The initiative is connected to the Atlantic Community, with the same members.


The board of the association consists of Johannes Bohnen and Jan-Friedrich Kallmorgen, the two partners in Bohnen & Kallmorgen, a consultancy for political analysis and strategic communication, who founded and built up the Atlantic Initiative. Both board members are or were also active as lobbyists for corporations and trade associations. The partner Jan-Friedrich Kallmorgen is also the managing director of the European Investor Protection Association. When it was current around 2015, the Atlantic Initiative dealt in particular with the free trade agreement Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), which also includes investor protection.


  • Monthly newsletter "Global Must Reads", a best-of of the analyzes from over 50 American and European think tanks, magazines and journals.
  • Open think tank
  • Blog Germany's Agenda
  • Discussion events/congresses

The Atlantic Initiative regularly organizes so-called policy workshops on this page, in which the best contributions are awarded, memos are created and the recommendations are also presented at events.

Germany's agenda

In November 2011, the association initiated the blog Germany Agenda. With the self-chosen motto "foreign policy for all", the association here offered a forum for discussion about German foreign policy. This project was funded by the Federal Press Office and the Haniel Foundation until the end of April 2012. The German Federal Foreign Office, BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, German Armed Forces Association, BP and the Allianz Kulturstiftung have been supporting this project since May 2012. [1]

The aim of the blog is to formulate “memos” with recommendations for action for politicians from the debates there. A first memo to the Bundeswehr was published in March 2012, a second memo on German foreign policy in the Asia-Pacific region in November 2012.

Global Must Reads

Since August 2005 the association has published the monthly Global Must Reads; these are a summary of important articles from specialist journals, the corporate press and science. According to a statement by the Atlantic Initiative, the Global Must Reads are “the most far-reaching foreign policy publication in German” with a readership of more than 22,000 people. Despite the association's name, the Atlantic Initiative is not limited to selecting topics for the Must Reads on German-American relations, but also addresses topics such as digital security and women in management positions.


Employee on Wikispooks

Sijbren de JongHead of OutreachDecember 2007August 2008


Known members

13 of the 43 of the members already have pages here:

Christoph BertramGerman journalist with a heavy Bilderberg habit
Jürgen ChrobogGerman Ambassador to the United States from 1995 to 2001 and State Secretary from 2001-2005. Trilateral Commission. Global Panel Foundation.
Thomas FarmerCIA expert on student recruitment, founder of American Academy in Berlin.
Klaus-Dieter FrankenbergerTransatlantic German editor
Jeffrey GedminUS spooky/hawkish neoconservative academic
Eckart von KlaedenTriple Bilderberg German politician
John KornblumUS diplomat wo attended at least 4 Brussels Forums
Kurt LaukBilderberg businessman and politician, advisor to Angela Merkel
Ruprecht PolenzGerman politician. Proponent of Turkish membership in the EU.
Eberhard SandschneiderGerman Asia expert
Horst TeltschikTri-Bilderberger chair of the Munich Security Conference 1999-2008
Karsten VoigtGerman (SPD) politician.
Cem ÖzdemirGerman Green war-loving politician who experienced rocket career after being taken under the wings of transatlantic influence networks.


Norway/Ministry of Foreign AffairsA significant donor to NGOs and planning organizations. Many of the recipients dovetail with NATO objectives like regime changes and controlling the narrative.
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