"Violent extremism"

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Concept.png "Violent extremism" 
(enemy image,  “extremism”)Rdf-icon.png
Interest of• Counter Extremism Project
• International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism
• Amil Khan
• Alex Schmid
A modern synonym for "terrorism". It introduced the phrase "non-violent extremism", which was used to extend "anti-extremism" laws towards the explicitly non-violent.

"Violent extremism" is an enemy image which was introduced in July 2005 as a synonym of the contested word "terrorism". After laws were introduced, in January 2011 the phrase "non-violent extremism" was launched to try to extend "anti-extremism" laws towards the explicitly non-violent.

Official narrative

A webpage posted at cve.fbi.gov in February 2016 claimed that "It’s the FBI’s primary responsibility — working with its many partners — to protect the nation from attacks by violent extremists."[1] This replaces their earlier priority (since 2013) of "national security".


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"Violent extremism" was introduced after the 7/7 bombings and the use was expanded most notably after the Charlie Hebdo event. In 2013, Wikipedia created a redirect page to "Extremism". In December 2016‎ this was expanded into a full article.[2]

Legal status

The Quilliam Foundation "has long argued for a tougher line on non-violent extremism".[3]

Internet censorship

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In July 2017, YouTube announced that they would be modifying their website "to provide more resources and more content that can help change minds of people at risk of being radicalized". In practice, this seems to allied to the "war on terror" project.[4] In October 2017, Reuters reported seeing documents that indicated that the U.S. government would be subjecting "homegrown violent extremists" to physical or digital surveillance.[5]


Related Quotations

"Extremism"“the distinction between “non-violent extremism” and “violent extremism” is not a valid one.”Alex SchmidMay 2014
"Non-violent extremism"“It can even be argued that ‘non-violent extremism’ is a contradiction in terms. While there can be non-violent and violent radicals, it makes, in my view and based on the distinction between radicalism and extremism elaborated above, less sense to distinguish between violent and non-violent extremists.”Alex SchmidMarch 2013