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Geo-political analysis demonstrating particular expertise on Russia and the Middle East

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"A bird's eye view of the vineyard"
Started: 19 May 2007
Founder: 'The Saker'

Member of: PropOrNot/List
Founder/Owner: 'The Saker'
In its own words:
"I am a 'legal alien' currently living in the Imperial Homeland"
Constitutes: Independent media

Formerly a Google Blogspot site, moved in 2015 to the domain and is not publishing any new articles since early 2023.[1]


Documents sourced from Vineyard of the Saker

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:A new Cold War has begunarticle2014 Ukraine coup
Cold War II
2 April 2014'The Saker'A new cold war will follow the 2013-14 events in Ukraine and the secession of Crimea to Russia - This article argues that, from a Russian perspective and although not sought, this may prove positive for Russia's future.
Document:Alexei Pushkov - PACE press-conferenceVideo transcriptPACE
2014 Ukraine coup
10 April 2014Alexei PushkovTranscript and translation from the original Russian of Alexei Shukov's press conference following the decision of PACE to impose sanctions against Russia
Document:An appeal to the mothers of Ukraineappeal2014 Ukraine coup/Civil war30 August 2014Many peopleAn appeal by women of the Russian diaspora to the mothers of Ukrainian solders
Document:Europe in free fallarticle2015 European refugee crisis28 August 2015'The Saker'An analysis of the European geo-political predicament illuminated by its burgeoning refugee crisis
Document:Igor Strelkov and Russia's Fifth ColumnarticleGlobalisation
2014 Ukraine coup
12 September 2014'The Saker'Extended commentary and analysis of the statement by Igor Strelkov about the West's war on Russia and Russia's 5th Column problem
Document:State repression in France only makes the Resistance grow strongerarticleDieudonné M'bala M'bala
29 January 2014'The Saker'A comprehensive explanation of what is behind the brewing grass-roots rebellion in France in early 2014
Document:The EU's ugly kindergarten of intellectually challenged clownsarticleEuropean Union
2014 Ukraine coup
31 August 2014'The Saker'There is Russian saying: "you can't scare a hedgehog with a naked backside". It summarises of this article's analysis of the threatened fourth round of EU Sanctions against Russia and the clownish absurdity of its US puppet leaders
Document:The geopolitics of the Ukrainian conflictarticleThe Great Game
Anglo-American hegemony
Ukraine Riots 2013-14
20 February 2014'The Saker'A 'eureka!' article about the geopolitics of the 2013-14 civil conflict in Ukraine.
Document:WE are UntermenschenappealRussia
2014 Ukraine coup/Civil war
3 June 2014JuanHeartfelt anger from a Russian speaking anti-Kiev Junta soldier in face of escalating military attacks on the civilian population of Eastern Ukraine by the Junta military and the blatant double-standards indifference of western politicians to the sufferings of people who identify with Russia.
Document:Why there is no Russian military intervention in UkrainearticleRussia
The Great Game
2014 Ukraine coup
30 May 2014Simon UralovA geo-political analysis of the developing situation in Ukraine from the perspective of a Russian National who understands the conflicting nature of the tripartite global power block interests (US-Europe-Russia) that will ultimately decide Ukraine's future
File:How MH17 was shot down.pdftechnical analysisMalaysia Airlines Flight 175 March 2015Colonel CassadAn updated analysis of how Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was shot down and taking account of developments up to 4 March 2015
File:MH17 Report by Russian Union of Engineers.pdfreportMalaysia Airlines Flight 1715 August 2014Russian Union of EngineersAnalysis and report by the Russian Union of Engineers into the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 0n 17 July 2014
File:MH17Analysis.pdftechnical analysisMalaysia Airlines Flight 176 August 2014AnonymousPersuasive MH17 crash analysis demonstrating that, IF the aircraft was brought down by a 'Buk' SAM, then the missile could NOT have been fired from territory controlled by the DPR militia
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