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An appeal by women of the Russian diaspora to the mothers of Ukrainian solders

Disclaimer (#3)Document.png appeal  by many people dated 2014/08/30
Subjects: Ukraine coup 2014/Civil war
Source: Vineyard of the Saker (Vineyard of the Saker Link)

Translated from Russian by Vineyard of the Saker
Original Russian here

Wikispooks Comment
The letter was prepared by Russian contributors to the Vineyard of the Saker blog. Support for it can be gauged from both the comments section and other published responses in in the above link.

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Dear Sisters,

We, the women of the international Russian Diaspora, appeal to you to help stop the civil war unleashed on your nation.

We understand the great tragedy that is happening in your land. Today, you are losing your sons to this inglorious war. As women, we know how much care and love it takes to give birth, nurture and raise our children. No mother gives birth to her child for a war. Any mother, anywhere in the world, will not hesitate to give her life for her child. In this we are united. This is our strength. So do not let the dark forces of evil rob you of your children using them for their own criminal purposes, pitting brother against brother, throwing them into a bloody meat grinder of war, and forcing them to forget their roots, their ancestors, culture and history.

Today the illegal and criminal Ukrainian government, this gang of bandits, thieves and criminals, imposed on you by the imperialist West, is waging war with its own people, in your name. Using the hands of your sons, they are bombing and shooting at peaceful towns, clearing out villages, and chasing people away from their own homes. Just for the fact that these people dared to express their desire to live freely on their soil. Because they dared to say "no" to the corporate and geopolitical interests of the West. Because they refused to be slaves.

We understand that it’s difficult for you to find a grain of truth in the torrent of vile propaganda and lies to which you have been subjected, which for decades has been skillfully and professionally directing your nation towards bitterness and hatred against their chosen enemy. Sisters, please stop and think, is this really your enemy? Look into the eyes of the women on "the other side" of the war. You will see in them the same pain and despair. They are also losing their sons... daughters, brothers, and husbands. In this you are one and the same.

Help stop this bloody madness! While there is still time, while you haven’t yet received the terrible news about the death of your child, before the line is crossed - the line beyond which there is nothing but despair, death, and emptiness – don’t let the criminals throw your sons into this shameful bloodbath. Don't let them disgrace their tribe and their nation. Save your children to build a future of a free and beautiful Ukraine. A Ukraine free from exploitation by the Western capitalists, oligarchs and the gang of international elites. Preserve not only the bodies but also the souls of your children. On your fragile maternal shoulders today, lies the future of all free, beautiful, proud and strong Slavs.

Only we, the mothers, can throw ourselves wholeheartedly to selflessly protect our children. For this, God has given us so much great power, power that will crush in its path everything, anything, and anybody who want to rob us of those who we love more than life itself.

God bless you.