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The 2022 Russian Invasion of Ukraine enters its second year. Which false flag will happen sooner; something similar to the Russian apartment bombings staged by Putin, or similar to the USS Liberty Incident to invade Russia?

The WEF's Young Global Leaders and Global Leaders for Tomorrow had their 2023 WEF Annual Meeting. Did you know that over 150 Bilderbergers were busy with COVID-19 and even more members of the YGL and GLT were busy with COVID?
Who still believes in the 9-11 official story? Sure, you knew about the 3rd tower, the one that fell without being struck by a plane, but did you hear of the secret 5th plane, the Israeli connections or the George Washington Bridge plot...?
Meet the US federal police quite silently raping and abducting girls: Learn more about ICE.
Wikispooks faced legal threats in 2022. Here is a related video:

Marc Dutroux was a Belgian paedophile that said upon arrest that he was part of a sex trafficking VIPedophile network of hundreds of businessmen, politicians and police officers. During his investigation, dozens of witnesses all died under weird circumstances. This TV documentary was removed from the net, only to be reuploaded to Youtube in 2013.
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Blackrock: The Company That Owns The World (And Its Getting Worse)

Some would think banks own and hold all the money of all big oil, politicians and the pensions of Americans. But, no, banks are also owned by shareholders. What if all these banks, oil companies and pensions have own common shareholder? Meet the company that handles the shares of every American... in everything.
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