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Page Maintenance

I've just created this page as a way of separating presentation from content. It if becomes a regular thing, it would be good to have a history of the content separate from how that content was presented. -- Robin (talk) 15:46, 24 May 2022 (UTC)

Original idea

The original idea of 'on this day...' was to set up automatically changing content that was generated from the SMW content, in line with the site's general approach of future proofing through low maintenance -- however, it proved harder than I had hoped to do that. Anyway, if there is sufficient personnel and interest to regularly curate front pages by hand, that would likely be even better. -- Robin (talk) 15:46, 24 May 2022 (UTC)

Yeah, I was toying around and figured this was the closest I'd get to a news section for now. I tried to check if I'd automate it to set it up, but calculating how long I'd take for automatic stuff to pop up (poor Terje fixing all the stubs, wait until we fire off the discussion about the content again) when I re-programmed (in simplistic terms said) the SMW, bugged me off for now. I'd figure, when we fix the stubs, and in particular, the dates of events, we can automate a lot better.

At this point, I'm just checking interest and watching pwiki. I'm planning of making a new one next month and looking at our traffic, bounce & exit rates to see how this goes. Maybe it needs some help from a AMA or questionnaire on social media to tap into new users, as I've seen most of our visitors are kind of set in their mindset and what they wanna look up and see. (WEF, 9/11, COVID, news cycle stuff) Also user:terje's idea of timelines was a great one I'd like to try out before that or after a month of "beta-ing" this. But like with everything, I'm really time constrained, so don't expect newly programmed breakthrough for the SMW for now. --Jun (talk) 18:03, 25 May 2022 (UTC)

Images and text

Topical links may be good; I see the point of linking in related topics. I'd rather the front page doesn't look too ragged, but as long as you're checking interest and watching pwiki, it should only be for a few days until you find things that people like. We are all much better at navigating here that people who randomly turned up, so the idea of us manually present interesting rabbit holes to people makes good sense.

I was going to suggest (got distracted with everything else) a way to handle different screen widths but also use thumbnails:

  • Caption 2
  • Caption 3
  • Caption 4
  • Caption 5
  • Caption 6
  • Caption 7
  • Caption 8

-- Robin (talk) 20:29, 27 May 2022 (UTC)

Cheers. Gonna check this out.

PSA: Some deaths don't work with the OnthisDay template. Dunno why. I'm trying to Occam Razor this and think the SMW didn't update to June yet, so let's wait it out, I added some YT vids just to include some deaths. --Jun (talk) 02:17, 1 June 2022 (UTC)


Terje's idea does work, I keep getting DM'd on social media about the visual active subjects I uploaded last month. Like the visual timelines. The thumbnails should become a staple in my opinion with more current YT links. --Jun (talk) 06:10, 10 June 2022 (UTC)


Maybe added 1 video (the embedded one) too much, but November (the right time to use it) is still far away, and my summer is my off time. Maybe I'll remove that HBO vid when it doesn't garner clicks. Just some stats now. Last month and May were the most visited months since September 2020. Page views credited to main page inclusion were; -- Bilderberg 2022 meeting (200+) -- Attemped Coup of LPONH page (+250) -- 2021_Washington_D.C. Riots - +87 -- Trump +112 -- Uvalde shooting (this was also in part from my LINKS EVERYWHERE format) +116

A boost from Reddit of 200 more for the Bilderberg meeting over one post, and a boost of 40 for The Paypal mafia was also recorded.

Interesting stats; Bing appears to not de-rank us as we appear much more often in their searches. (Google uses our friends from Business insider and sites like propornot and off-guardian, but also region-limited) Twitter accounted for the third biggest referral, showing a need to increase that engagement of us I think alongside Telegram. Further sites that linked to us were -- Yandex (mostly because of Patrick lancaster and Jacob Dreizin) -- Facebook (989) -- Reddit (over 450 clicks for June alone) -- Qwant (262) (I had to look it up) -- Chinese Bing (200) -- 4chan. (120)

Interesting others are the Gateway Pundit, Sonar21, Zerohedge and Expose-news.com. Most users are still using Google Chrome, the leader in stealing information. Google was still responsible for over 10% of all forwarding to us by google searches. DDG second with the rest following by 10.000s of views. Most of views were for Russian-Ukraine war pundits such as Berletic, Lancaster, Christoforou and Dreizin. After that, most viewed pages appear to be the ones promoted by twitter and friendly sites, three sorts are most liked; II-members. VIPeadophile victims. Youtube "alt right"/"right-wing" pundits. I'm trying to figure out how to play into that, any opinions would be appreciated.

I'm still trying to shift to more US based content, but we need to unstub more hcards for the automatic system to work. Hence this old HBO video. Idea for next month is to revert to the old format for a month if the RUS-UKR war continues to turtle to a stalemate, and see what happens with engagement through the MP. --Jun (talk) 06:27, 1 July 2022 (UTC)


Plan from last month is going active now. For testing reasons, let's use the old main page and the August visitors as “control group” and go one whole month with the old MP. Stats for this month are found here[1];

Last 3 months were amongst the top 5 of best 3 months in terms of amount of visitors. I'd say it's good, better than the old main page, but not awesome yet. I expect the monthly visitors to drop below 30k for the first half and 55k for the entire month. I'd expected… with the new format the visitor count to stay above 70k. If the amount of visitors drops below 60k for the full month of August or 25k after 15 days, we can say the new main page is a success (error margin is 2k I reckon). If anyone feels this test is not needed, feel welcome to comment down below. --Jun (talk) 02:03, 1 August 2022 (UTC)

No change in number of visitors after 5 days...I still think the updated front page was in order.
Terje (talk) 05:34, 6 August 2022 (UTC)
  1. https://wikispooks.com/piwik/index.php?module=CoreHome&action=index&idSite=1&period=month&date=2022-07-01#?module=Dashboard&action=embeddedIndex&idSite=1&period=month&date=2022-07-01&idDashboard=1