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Depleted uranium
Flint water crisisA mass poisoning in Flint Michigan
Water/FluoridationMarketed as an anti-tooth decay improvement, there is increasing evidence that the fluoridation of water may have a range of deleterious effects upon the brain (e.g. lowering IQ) and may actually not have much affect on tooth decay.

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Pesticide“Acute pesticide poisoning occurs frequently in children worldwide, and subclinical pesticide toxicity is also widespread. Clinical data suggest that acute pesticide poisoning during childhood might lead to lasting neurobehavioural deficits. Highly toxic and bioaccumulative pesticides are now banned in high-income nations, but are still used in many low-income and middle-income countries... birth cohort studies provide new evidence that prenatal exposure to organophosphate pesticides can cause developmental neurotoxicity.”Philippe Grandjean
Philip Landrigan
March 2014


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