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Concept.png Imperialism 
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Imperialism is a policy and/or ideology of extending the rule over other peoples and countries, for extending political and economic access, often through employing military force, to a lesser extent also "soft power". It is related to the concept of colonialism. The concept of imperialism arose in the modern age, associated chiefly with the European colonial powers of the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries.




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Related Quotations

Bob Seely“I know we have a duty to the world, I mean we think to the world's poor and we should be doing what we can to help. We don't have a duty to quote 'save the world'.”Bob Seely3 September 2021
Joris Voorhoeve“Take into account that 2/3ds of UN member states are no democracy, also take into count that quite a number of states are run by criminal organisations. Colonialism did not end, it took a different form.”University of Leiden
Joris Voorhoeve
12 April 2016


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Document:Britain's noxious history of Imperial warfarebook introduction7 January 2013John NewsingerThe British Empire is indefensible unless conquered peoples are somehow less worthy beings than the British. What British people would regard as crimes if done to them, were and are justified in the name of empire. The official narrative, still largely accepted in the West, is racist to its core and illustrates the hypocrisy of an Establishment that never tires of warning about the evils of racism at home whilst predicating its foreign policy on it.
Document:Britain’s delusions that it could take on the Taliban alone are ludicrous - what are our empire-nostalgic MPs smoking?Article19 August 2021Tom FowdyThe UK Parliament was recalled for an emergency debate over the Afghanistan/2021 withdraw. While the BBC focused on the divide between the sides of the house with their face mask wearing, Parliament was united against the withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan. Most MPs are urging Boris Johnson to go back to Afghanistan, and take on the Taliban, alone if necessary.
Document:Libya - Imperialism and the Leftarticle28 August 2011Stephen Gowans
Document:Libya Imperialism and the prostration of Left Intellectualsarticle1 April 2011David North
Document:Libya and the Return of Humanitarian Imperialismarticle8 March 2011Jean Bricmont
Document:Severe humanitarian disasters caused by US aggressive wars against foreign countriesreport11 April 2021The China Society for Human Rights Studies
Document:Why the military-industrial complex went wokeArticle5 March 2021Paddy HannamWhat is the Military industrial complex doing? They are engaged in a woke propaganda campaign as part of a rebranding of the war industry for the new generation.


An official example

2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine
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