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Editing is the process of selecting and preparing written, visual, or audible material to convey a message or information.

There are various editorial positions in publishing. Typically, one finds editorial assistants reporting to the senior-level editorial staff and directors who report to senior executive editors. Senior executive editors are responsible for developing a product for its final release. The smaller the publication, the more these roles overlap.

The top editor at many publications may be known as the chief editor (or Editor-in-chief), executive editor, or simply the editor. It is a publication's editorial leader who has final responsibility for its operations and policies.


Office Holders on Wikispooks

Maurizio Molinari23 April 2020Had the infamous "Hunt for the non-vaccinated" on his front page.
Rivkah BrownNovember 2019
Kjetil Alstadheim2019
Martina SalomonOctober 2018
Ian Buruma2017September 2018
Jeffrey Goldberg2016
Maurizio Molinari26 November 2015April 2020Attended Bilderberg/2017
Kjetil Alstadheim20142019Attended Bilderberg 2017 when working here
Oliver TickellOctober 2013June 2016
Heidi BlakeNovember 2011March 2015
Fareed Zakaria20102014
Gianni Riotta30 March 200915 March 2011
Ferrucio de Bortoli20092015
Steven Raeburn20072013
William Lewis (journalist)20072010
Gianni Riotta20062009
Jon Meacham20062010
Ferrucio de Bortoli20052009
Christiane Hoffmann20042010
Marcia Angell1999June 2000
Antti Blåfield19982012
Ferrucio de Bortoli19972003
Nils Udgaard19952007
Dominic Lawson19952005Exposed as a MI6 media asset
Jean-Paul Mulot19942006
Per Egil Hegge19921998
Hasan Cemal19921998later attended the 2004 Bilderberg conference.
Roger de Weck19921997
Betsy Fischer Martin19912014Producer of Meet the Press
Dominic Lawson19901995Exposed as a MI6 spook
Bertil Torekull19891991Attended Bilderberg/1990
William Thorsell19891999
Peter Beaumont1989
Allan Silberbrandt19881997Marshall Memorial Fellow.
Hubertus Hoffmann19881990
Per Egil Hegge19841988
Hasan Cemal1981January 1992Appointed after the 1980 Turkish coup d'état. Attended the 2004 Bilderberg conference.
Henry Grunwald19771987
Kurt Becker19751980Attended Bilderberg/1967 and Bilderberg/1975
Claude JulienJanuary 19731990Attended Bilderberg/1981
Graham Perkin197316 October 1975
Max Frankel19721994
Claude Monnier19701980
William Haley19681969
Kurt Becker19661971Attended Bilderberg/1967 and Bilderberg/1975
İsmail Cem19641966
Herman Sandberg19611981
Hugo Portisch19581967
Françoise Giroud19531971
William Haley19521966
... further results


Documents by Editor

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Document:EHRC discredits itself again even as it settles with Livingstone and Bromleyblog post15 September 2023"Antisemitism"
Labour Party
Ken Livingstone
Campaign Against Antisemitism
Equality and Human Rights Commission
Martin Forde
Pam Bromley
Pam Bromley and Ken Livingstone said: “Rather than fighting this case for potentially another year or more, we believe we need to refocus our resources on tackling the Israel lobby’s current efforts to stifle pro-Palestine speech in schools, universities and other sectors.”
Document:No denial from Starmer that he has received ‘beergate’ fixed penaltyArticle1 July 2022Boris Johnson
Angela Rayner
Keir Starmer
Leader of the Labour Party (UK)
Labour leader fails to deny reports circulating in party that he has been fined by Durham Constabulary, while police force says only that it has not issued any ‘new statements’ on matter.
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