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This is a summary list of all the postings on the site. Each one is a separate invocation of Template:Job.



Page nameTitleStartEndEmployerLocationDescription
Torvild AakvaagNorsk Hydro/Director General19841991Bilderberg
Mika AaltolaFinnish Institute of International Affairs/Director2019
David AaronUS/Deputy National Security Advisor19771981
David AaronMiddle East Public Policy DirectorRAND
David AaronUS/Ambassador/OECD2 August 19931997
David AaronUnder Secretary of Commerce for International Trade19972000
Jozias van AartsenNetherlands/Member of the House of Representatives23 May 200230 November 2006
Jozias van AartsenKing's Commissioner of Drenthe20 April 20171 November 2017
Jozias van AartsenNetherlands/Member of the House of Representatives19 May 19983 August 1998
Jozias van AartsenNetherlands/Minister of Foreign Affairs3 August 199822 July 2002
Jozias van AartsenLeader of the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy in the House of Representatives27 May 20038 March 2006
Jozias van AartsenNetherlands/Minister of Agriculture Nature and Food Quality22 August 19943 August 1998
Jozias van AartsenMayor of The Hague27 March 20081 March 2017
Jozias van AartsenLeader of the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy27 November 20048 March 2006
Henrik AasarødPresident19721988Norwegian Seafarers' UnionAttended Bilderberg/1984
Svein AaserDen Norske Bank/CEO19982006
Svein AaserConfederation of Norwegian Enterprise/President19921994
Abdou AbarrySpecial Representative of the Secretary-General for Central Africa and Head of the United Nations Regional Office for Central Africa2022
Mahmoud AbbasPrime Minister of the Palestinian National Authority19 March 20036 September 2003
Mahmoud AbbasPresident of the Palestinian National Authority15 January 2005
Mahmoud AbbasChairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization29 October 2004
Mahmoud AbbasPalestine/President8 May 2005
Diane AbbottShadow Home Secretary6 October 20165 April 2020
Diane AbbottShadow Secretary of State for Health27 June 20166 October 2016
Diane AbbottShadow Minister for Overseas Development13 September 201527 June 2016
Diane AbbottUK/Member of Parliament11 June 1987
Diane AbbottShadow Minister for Public Health9 October 20108 October 2013
Tony AbbottLeader of the Liberal Party of Australia1 December 200914 September 2015
Tony AbbottAustralia/Minister/Health7 October 20033 December 2007Also for Ageing
Tony AbbottChairperson of the Commonwealth of Nations18 September 201315 November 2013
Tony AbbottAustralia/Leader of the Opposition1 December 200918 September 2013
Tony AbbottMember of the Australian Parliament26 March 199418 May 2019
Tony AbbottAustralia/Prime Minister18 September 201315 September 2015
Tony AbbottAustralia/Leader of the House26 November 20013 December 2007
Tony AbbottAustralia/Minister for Employment Services21 October 199830 January 2001
Tony AbbottAustralia/Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations30 January 20017 October 2003
Tony AbbottAustralia/Minister for Employment Workplace Relations and Small Business21 October 19987 October 2003
Tony AbbottAustralia/Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for the Public Service26 November 20017 October 2003
Badr AbdelattyEgypt/Ambassador/Germany20152019
Badr AbdelattyEgypt/Ambassador/Belgium2021
Sheila Abdus-SalaamAssociate Judge of the New York Court of Appeals6 May 201312 April 2017
Shinzō AbeJapan/Liberal Democratic Party/President20 September 200626 September 2007
Shinzō AbeJapan/Prime Minister of Japan26 December 201216 September 2020Remilitarizing Japan
Shinzō AbeJapan/Chief Cabinet Secretary31 October 200526 September 2006
Shinzō AbeJapan/Member of the House of Representatives19 July 1993
Shinzō AbeJapan/Prime Minister of Japan26 September 200626 September 2007
Shinzō AbeJapan/Leader of the Opposition26 September 201226 December 2012
Shinzō AbeJapan/Member of House of Representatives19 July 1993
Shinzō AbeJapan/Liberal Democratic Party/President26 September 201226 September 2007
Luigi AbeteBanca Nazionale del Lavoro/President19982021
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Samantha de BendernResearcher19971999
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