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New York City
PartyLibertarian Party
American libertarian comedian.

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In office
10 June 2010 - Present

Dave Smith is an American comedian and podcaster. Politically he identifies as a libertarian.


He has uploaded videos talking about libertarianism since 2014. He is the host of the Part of the Problem podcast.

He has been a regular libertarian guest on CNN and Fox News.

Associated with the Mises Caucus, Smith is leading a movement to take over the American Libertarian Party from the people running it as they have been inactive during COVID opposing authoritarian measures. It is to make the party an effective force for liberty, being anti-war, opposing lockdowns and promote the COVID-19/Resistance. Smith is considering being a possible candidate for president in 2024.

He went on Joe Rogan in 2021 and criticised vaccine passports. It went viral on YouTube.[1]

“I really don’t think people understand just how bad this Covid Passport actually is. Look into it, it’s not just checking that people got the vaccine. It is setting up a national caste system and a spying apparatus unlike anything in our history. This is it. The big one. Fight it”
Dave Smith (29 March 2021)  [2]

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