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Concept.png Alt Tech 
Interest ofReclaim The Net
New social media platforms.

Alternative technology is becoming increasingly important.

Official narrative

Extremism, Alt-right, terrorists, antisemitism.



Page nameDescription
BitChuteVideo hosting website. Alternative to YouTube.
BrandnewtubeBrandnewtube is an alt-tech video hosting platform.
DuckDuckGoA search engine that claims not to track its users, and which does not appear to be censoring this site as much as Google
EpikA web hosting company.
GabGab is a social networking service with a strict free speech approach for which it is criticized in corporate media.
GettrNew "free-speech" platform, connected to Donald Trump, has strong censorship from the start.
LocalsLocals is an Alt Tech platform.
MindsAlt Tech platform; alternative to Facebook
OdyseeOdysee is an alt-tech video hosting platform.
PipedAlternative to watching Youtube videos on Youtube.
ProtonMailEmail and VPN server originally located in formally neutral Switzerland to avoid US/NATO surveillance or "information requests", but this has been hollowed out.
RumbleVideo hosting website. An alternative to YouTube.
SubstackOnline platform that provides publishing, payment, analytics, and design infrastructure to support subscription newsletters.
TelegramTelegram is a social media service.