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Anyone considering serious involvement with the WikiSpooks Project will need to be fairly comfortable with the content of this article. Scepticism is no barrier; fundamental disagreement is.


WikiSpooks is one of many reactions to the ever more blatant hypocrisies of the "Establishment" worldview. Aggressive use of commercially-controlled media and a relatively passive population have meant that 'Anglo-American-Euro-NATO' friendly announcements are generally accompanied only by the most superficial of justifications whereas challenges to their official narratives are vigorously opposed on principle, whatever the facts of the case. Wikispooks is for red pillers to critically reflect on these "Official narratives", to compile relevant evidence, exchange opinons and bounce ideas off like minds.

Core principles

Wikispooks concurs that:

  1. "all power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely"

Wikispooks suggests further that:

  1. both "Official narratives" and "Official opposition narratives" are always more-or-less in service to the establishment by deflecting attention from the real events, actors and their true motivations;
  2. early 21st century party politics is nothing more than a convenient cover for the real business of deep politics which is rarely if ever investigated by the commercially-controlled media, which are more or less completely controlled by agents of the deep state;
  3. whilst there are good people everywhere, large hierarchical organisations (such as national governments and multi-national corporations) are prone to domination by psychopaths and sociopaths, and so their pronouncements must be regarded as highly suspect at best;
  4. the early 21st century is witnessing an end-game push towards a globalised corporate capitalism. As this Orwellian "New World Order" aspires to absolute power, it embraces absolute corruption.[1]

Wikispooks admonishes that:

  1. Establishment-sponsored "official narratives" are already vastly overrepresented and this site is for their critical investigation, not their defense or promulgation.
  2. The above principles are central to WikiSpooks' purpose. This website has only one page on which they are debatable: this talk page.
  3. Anyone editing the encyclopaedia in such a way as to purposely question or oppose these core principles will forfeit further site involvement in short order.

Good faith

Each of us has limited experience, so our opinions are necessarily biased and our knowledge to a certain extent flawed. We can however act in good faith. In our conduct on the site, WikiSpooks editors agree to subjugate local affiliations of race, creed, national, tribal, cultural or other parochial identities to the following:

  1. Our Common Humanity: "We are all one."
  2. The Golden Rule: "We treat others as we hope to be treated by them."


  1. The nature of the modern Corporation, as essentially psychopathic, is apposite (see this Media-Lens article), as is the necessity for psychopathy in an individual as sine-qua-non for the acquisition and exercise of power at senior Nation State level.

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