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Born20 September 1942
Died4 August 2021 (Age 78)
Founder ofMST-13 Timer

Ulrich Lumpert was a Swiss electronics engineer and, from 1978 to 1994, was employed by MEBO AG in Zurich, Switzerland.[1]

In 2000, Ulrich Lumpert gave incriminating evidence as witness No. 550 in the Lockerbie trial at the Scottish Court in the Netherlands when a Libyan agent, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, was convicted of blowing up Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, in December 1988 with the loss of 270 lives.[2]

Sworn statement

In August 2007, Lumpert admitted in an Affidavit that he had committed perjury at the Lockerbie trial, raising serious doubts over the safety of Megrahi's conviction.[3] On 28 August 2007, Hans Koechler, the UN Observer at the trial, issued a detailed statement on Lumpert's admission,[4] and on the same day journalist Pierre Péan was interviewed on French TV channel ARTE info about Lumpert.[5]

Media muted

In October 2007, Ludwig De Braeckeleer noted that the mainstream media seemed strangely muted on the issue:

"Will the media finally cover this extraordinary affair? Perhaps.
"In France, Le Figaro has published a couple of stories, one of which was entitled: 'And if Libya Was Innocent …' Television channel France 3 reported the story of the Lumpert Affidavit.
"In the UK, the Glasgow Herald has picked up the latest developments in the story. The BBC has published a few lines about it. The London journal Private Eye is rumoured to be running the story in its next edition.
"US media remain amazingly silent."[6]

Text of Affidavit

The following facts, which correspond to the truth, were signed by Mr Ulrich Lumpert on 18th July 2007.

1. During the examination by the Bundespolizei (Federal Police) (BUPO) Switzerland, FBI and Scottish Police present in Zurich in 1991; and the examination of the Bundeskriminalamt (BKA)(Federal Bureau of Criminal Investigation) by Com­missioner Fuhl in Konstanz, Germany 1991; as well as in the Lockerbie trial at Camp Zeist in 2000. I had testified as witness No.550 and stated in the record that, of the 3 pieces of hand­-made prototype MST-­13 timer printed circuit boards, the third MST-13 PCB was broken and I had thrown it away. I built two functioning MST-­13 timers with the remaining 2 PC­Bs, which were delivered to East Germany's State Security Service (STASI) by Mr Bollier. The MST-­13 PC­Bs consisted of 8 layers of fibre­glass and were brown in colour.

2.These statements recorded by me were not correct! I confirm today on 18th July 2007 that I stole the third hand-made MST-­13 timer PC­B consisting of 8 layers of fibreglass from MEBO AG and gave it without permission on 22nd June 1989 to a person officially­ investigating in the Lockerbie case.

3. At this time I did not know that the MST-­13 timer PC­B was used for a specific purpose in connection with the attack on Pan Am 103, otherwise I would have requested permission from one of the owners of MEBO (Meister or Bollier) to release the MST-­13 PC­B.

4.In addition, I handed over without permission a summary of the production films, templates and blueprints of the MST­-13 timer production in a yellow envelope to Detective Superintendent James Gilchrist, Scottish Police, when he visited Zurich in June 1991.

5. The reason I did not explain the true background during the court proceedings was that I have been living in an indescribable condition of depression and fear since my second police interview in 1991. I got a shock and was in a significant state of anxiety when I was shown the photograph with the apparent MST­-13 timer fragment by the BUPO, FBI and the Scottish Police, surprisingly for the first time in mid-January 1991, which was apparently found in Lockerbie and they confronted me with the fact that this MST-­13 timer fragment was found in Lockebie and was a part of the ignition device of the suitcase with explosives, which caused the Boeing 747 Pan Am Flight 103 to crash, killing 270 people. According to Mr Bollier`s statement he was shown photographs of the MST-­13 timer fragment (No.PT/35, PT/35(b) etc.) on 23rd April 1990 by BUPO and on 15th November 1990 by FBI and the Scottish Police. Although the portrayed MST-­13 fragment at this time itself, had been sawn into two pieces  apparently for forensic reasons, it did not escape me that the MST­-13 fragment on the police photograph (No. PT/35(b) came from the non-­operational MST-­13 prototype PC­B that I had stolen; this is because there are clear characteristics (e.g. on a specific soldering terminal) that a relay had never been soldered. The soldering terminal was flat and clean at this place. Take note: I saw the photograph with the illustration of the un­processed originals, apparently the MST-­13 timer fragment under "Evidence No. PT­35, image 9 from Crown Office, gov. UK", for the first time at MEBO after the Lockerbie­ Appeal in January 2001, before my first Affidavit. I clearly recognise the scratched remnants of the soldering tracks on this enlarged digital police photograph. I had nothing to do with the letter "M" (possibly an abbreviation of Muster: sample). When I realised that the MST-13 PCB, after it was handed over by me without permission, was misused for deliberate political criminal action, it was clear to me that I was stuck "in the middle of it" and decided to keep quiet, for it could have been extremely dangerous for me as an unintentional "bearer of secrets"...I am sorry for the consequences of my silence at that time for the innocent Libyan Mr Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, sentenced to life imprisonment, and for the country of Libya. With the information known to me I would like to put an end to the accusation that Libya is responsible for the Lockerbie tragedy by making the MST-­13 timer link with criminal intent.

6. The reason I am revealing this fundamentally important information only today is that I would like to use this opportunity to clear my conscience, because I cannot be prosecuted for stealing, delivering and making false statements about the MST-­13 timer PCB, on grounds of statutory limitation.

7. The time is right for this, because action for a second Appeal has been granted [by the SCCRC] in the Lockerbie case on account of "Miscarriage of Justice". I would also like to apologise to Mr Meister, Mr Bollier and MEBO for the damage caused to their reputation. I hereby declare that the contents of the Affidavit are true.

Zürich, 18.07.2007 Unterschrift: (U.L.)  Ulrich Lumpert __________________________________________________________(Only valid for the Affidavit in German)

Official Certification

This is to certify that this copy corresponds exactly with the document (4 single pages) shown to us this day and declared to be the original.

Zurich, this 18.07.2007
B No. 2070 Fee: SwFr.35.00
Walter Wieland, Certifying Officer[7]


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