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Employment.png Leader of the Conservative Party 
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Leader ofConservative Party
DeputyDeputy Leader of the Conservative Party
Leader of the Conservative PartyBoss of the Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party.

“All Tory leaders have surrounded themselves with an inner circle, which has given them ballast and in certain important respects defined their leadership. John Major had a winning fondness for palpable fakes, like Jeffrey Archer and David Mellor; Margaret Thatcher liked hirsute North London entrepreneurs with a ‘can-do’ attitude and heavy jewellery. Michael Howard’s chosen milieu is constructed of dapper, well-spoken men and women, many of whom live within walking distance of one another in west London. Cameron is unmistakably the leader of these Notting Hill Tories, but others include Michael Howard’s political secretary Rachel Whetstone, his speechwriter Ed Vaizey, marketing expert Steve Hilton, policy man Nick Boles, along with the newspaper columnists Edward Heathcoat Amory and his wife Alice Thomson.”
Peter Oborne (19 June 2004)  [1]


Office Holders on Wikispooks

Rishi Sunak24 October 2022
Pierre Poilievre10 September 2022
Liz Truss5 September 202224 October 2022
Boris Johnson23 July 20195 September 2022
Theresa May11 July 20167 June 2019
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Erna Solberg9 May 2004
Stephen Harper20 March 200419 October 2015
Michael Howard6 November 20036 December 2005
Iain Duncan Smith13 September 20016 November 2003
William Hague19 June 199713 September 2001
John Major28 November 199019 June 1997
Edward Heath28 July 196511 February 1975
Alec Douglas-Home18 October 196328 July 1965
Harold Macmillan10 January 195718 October 1963
Anthony Eden6 April 195510 January 1957
Winston Churchill9 November 19406 April 1955
Neville Chamberlain27 May 19379 October 1940
Stanley Baldwin22 May 192328 May 1937
Andrew Bonar Law23 October 192222 May 1923
Andrew Bonar Law13 November 191121 March 1921
Arthur Balfour11 July 190213 November 1911
Edward Smith-Stanley29 June 184627 February 1868
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