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Sedentary lifestyle

Physical inactivity is a more important contributor to heart disease than smoking.[1][2]

Poor diet

A global health study based at the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington, published in 2017 by the Lancet concluded that poor diet was a factor in one in five deaths.[3]



Page nameDescription
AdjuvantAdditive to reduce the cost of vaccines - with an acknowledged "side effect" of reducing fertility.
Digital healthcareWith less an less human doctors in the system, the goal is ultimately that most diseases will be treated automatically and with [{Big Pharma
Gene SilencingA method of "switching off" of a gene by a mechanism other than genetic engineering. The question remains of who get to decide which genes are "silenced", and how to control this, for example in mRNA vaccines.
Health FreedomA Libertarian campaign for freedom in the field of health. Anti Big Pharma.
HospitalHospitals have played a range of roles in deep politics, from venues for clandestine assassinations to appealing targets of false flag attacks.
IatrogenesisWhen the cure is worse than the illness. ON says the medical system is the third leading cause of death in the US, while it might in fact be the leading.
Medical deviceAny device intended to be used for medical purposes.
OptogeneticsA biological technique that involves the use of light to control neurons;A Virtual Reality System for Controlling Living Cells
Peer review
SmartdustNovel technology with high surveillance potential; even as type of brain–computer interface both reading and writing.
Veterinary medicineThe branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, control, diagnosis, and treatment of disease, disorder, and injury in animals.


Related Quotations

Regulatory capture“The Food and Drug Administration. The FDA was charged with overseeing the manufacture of cereal, along with all other processed foods except meat and poultry, which were controlled by the Department of Agriculture. It steadfastly refused, however, to see sugar as a threat to the public's health. Moreover, it repeatedly declined to require food manufacturers to disclose, on their packaging, exactly how much sugar they were adding to their products... Where Washington had failed to act, two men working on behalf of the public took the Big Three on themselves. One was an enterprising dentist, Ira Shannon, with the Veterans Administration Hospital in Houston, who [in 1975], alarmed by the exploding rates of tooth decay he’d seen in his young patients, decided that he’d had enough. (By one estimate, there were at any given moment one billion unfilled cavities in American mouths.) So the dentist took a trip to his local supermarkets, brought seventy-eight brands of cereal back to his lab, and proceeded to measure the sugar content of each with damning precision. A third of the brands had sugar levels between 10 percent and 25 percent. Another third ranged up to an alarming 50%, and eleven climbed even higher still — with one cereal, Super Orange Crisps, packing a sugar load of 70.8%. When each cereal brand was cross-referenced with TV advertising records, the sweetest brands were found to be the ones most heavily marketed to kids during Saturday morning cartoons.”Michael Moss2013
Peter R. de Vries“We already lost the War on drugs long ago, and the policy is bankrupt, it has led to nothing, yes, full prisons, a clogged justice system and it didn't help one bit because you can find a coffee-shop on every corner of the street and even with record-braking catches of shipments of cocaine in the harbour, it doesn't mean anything. We're dealing with a extreme high demand in the world with $300.000.000.000 profit for drug traffickers with $ of it cocaine alone, with the same for the worldwide diverse police and justice agencies used, amounting to nothing. You can't just maintain this repressive policy. You need to make this more of national health crisis.”Peter R. de Vries2020
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