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Group.png Juilliard School  
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HeadquartersNew York, USA
Prestigious dance, drama, and music school

The Juilliard School is a private performing arts conservatory in New York City. Established in 1905, the school trains about 850 undergraduate and graduate students in dance, drama, and music. It is widely regarded as one of the world's leading drama, music and dance schools, with some of the most prestigious arts programs.[1][2]


The school was founded in 1905 as the "Institute of Musical Art" by Frank Damrosch, with the intention of also having a training center for musicians in America that was on a par with the European conservatories. The school was then on Fifth Avenue and 12th Street. In the first year the institute had 500 students. In 1910 the headquarters were on Claremont Avenue.

Augustus D. Juilliard, who died childless in 1919, left the school with the sum of five million US dollars in his will in 1920 with the express purpose of "advancing music". As a result, the "Juilliard Musical Foundation" (JMF) was established. The foundation's own "Juilliard Graduate School" merged in 1926 with the Institute of Musical Art. Its first director was John Erskine from Columbia University. Erskines successor was Ernest Hutcheson in 1937, who held the office until 1945. In 1946 it was renamed "The Juilliard School of Music". The school's president at the time was William Schuman, one of the early Pulitzer Prize winners for music.

Under Schuman, the school was expanded in 1951 to include a dance department under the direction of Martha Hill. During the term of office of Peter Mennin in 1968 the acting faculty was added, the first director of which was John Houseman. The school has had its current name since the move to the bLincoln Center in 1969. In 2001 Juilliard also set up a jazz training program.


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"Honorary Bilderberg Secretary General for the United States" as of 1981, US editor and author
Alan Greenspan6 March 1926USCentral banker
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