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2009 Tamiflu sales

Roche profited from the 2009 swine flu panic with its drug Tamiflu. Tamiflu was not selling well before the "pandemic" and Roche's profits were dwindling due to lack of patents. But business-influenced decision making during the "pandemic" made European and US governments buy stockpiles of Tamiflu for billions of dollars.

It later turned out that for years, Roche has possessed various studies that proved that Tamiflu is useless - but these studies had never been published[1]

At the time Donald Rumsfeld sat on its board of directors and held 4bn worth of stocks. Rumsfeld (then Minister of Defense) denied any conflict of interest. [2](00:34:47)

nCoV-2019 antibody test

In May 2020, a test made by Hoffmann-La Roche for Covid-19 is granted 'emergency approval' by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in an urgent procedure. It is only the third Covid-test to receive emergency approval, and the first commercially available. It gives quick results, in 18 minutes, and will be accepted worldwide in what has been touted one of Roche's biggest deals[3], bigger even than Tamiflu.

The test is not based on the PCR method (which directly detects parts of viral RNA) but addresses antibodies built by the immune system after 1-2 weeks of contact. These may not be specific with a risk for false positives stemming from common cold viruses. The test is self-approved by Roche with the FDA merely giving green light. [4]