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9-11/ExposureThis article concerns the ever increasing public exposure of the events of 9-11.
Bilderberg/ExposureParticularly since the popularity of the WWW, the Bilderberg group has become more widely known, though commercially-controlled media generally continues to misdirect about the group.
CIA/Drug trafficking/ExposureDrug trafficking by intelligence agencies — especially the CIA — is, as of 2019, pretty widely understood to be a part of their modus operandi. This follows decades of research into and publicity about this topic, most notably by Gary Webb who broke the story of CIA Drug trafficking over the early WWW.
DEA/InfiltrationBoth insiders and commentators have claimed that the DEA is completely infiltrated
Deep state/2017 PopularisationIn February 2017, the phrase "deep state" began to be widely used by the corporate media, albeit with only a rough approximation of its original meaning.
George H. W. Bush/ExposureGeorge H. W. Bush was a spook his entire adult life. He destroy most of the documentary evidence of this, but a few documents escaped and he was tripped up by steps he took to try to obscure his connection to the JFK assassination. Corporate media showed minimal interest in the story, but independent media have built a well document and coherent picture of Bush's secret life as head of the US deep state.
Institute for Statecraft/Exposure
Le Cercle/Exposure
Operation Gladio/ExposureOperation Gladio was exposed in Italy by the research of Italian judge Felice Casson.
Operation Want
SDS/ExposureThe Supranational Deep State, which came into existance in the last quarter of the 20th century, was almost completely unknown for some years, but is increasingly exposed. This article reviews how that happened and how the SDS has been seeking to prevent its exposure.
US/Deep state/ExposureSince 1963, more and more people are realising that not only was JFK killed by a conspiracy, but that the LBJ administration covered this up. The US deep state has less and less control of the opinions of an increasingly sceptical public who are replacing old media with the internet, and who are now aware. The US government is making increasing use of illegal violence, leaving the US Deep State more exposed than ever.
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