Depleted Uranium

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Concept.png Depleted Uranium 
(weapon,  poison,  pollutantSourcewatch
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Abbreviation DU

Depleted Uranium (DU) is a waste product of nuclear weapon production and the nuclear power industry. It is used to make armor piercing missiles (exploiting Uranium's extreme density). It aerosolises into a fine powder on impact, effectively toxifying the environment in which it is used. The health effects of such pollution are disputed.

Second Event Theory

Dr. Chris Busby has been a vocal critic of the official narrative that pollution by depleted uranium has negligible impact on human health, developing the Second Event Theory (SET) which suggests that such radiation is vastly more damaging than admitted - explaining the huge increase in cancer in Iraq after the attacks by the US military.

Cover up of health impacts

Commercially-controlled media has not paid much attention to DU as a lingering health hazard. Nafeez Ahmed[1] and others have alleged that the WHO is involved in hiding the health impacts of the use of depleted uranium.  

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