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Disclaimer (#3)Document.png report  by M. Al-Sabbak, S. Sadik Ali, O. Savabi, G. Savabi, S. Dastgiri, M. Savabieasfahani dated 16 September 2012
Subjects: Depleted Uranium, Iraq
Source: Springerlink web site (Link)

A damning report on the effects of depleted uranium, lead, mercury and defoliant weaponry use by the US and UK military during the 2003 Iraq War.

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The devastating effects of the fine-particle residues of depleted uranium (DU) munitions and other weaponry usage on human health remains a suppressed subject in the West. The military untility of DU over conventional lead-based munitions in particular is so enhanced in terms of its armour piercing and generally superior damage-causing properties, that Western Militaries appear unable to contemplate life without it.

It's use is part and parcel of the truism that, were western forces required to engage any of their chosen 'enemies' on equal terms (i.e. equal air, communications, surveillance, weaponry etc. weaponry and equipment), it is highly unlikely that any of their engagements would last for long, if embarked on at all. In other words, Western domination over large parts of the planet has nothing whatsoever to do with the claimed 'bravery and 'moral superiority' of its military and everything to do with its current technical superiority.

This report illustrates the devastating effects of its self-serving doctrines long after the events they claim to justify.

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Metal Contamination and the Epidemic of Congenital Birth Defects in Iraqi Cities

US, UK munitions cause birth defects in Iraq

US and UK weapons ammunition are linked to heart defects, brain dysfunctions and malformed limbs, according to a recent study. The report revealed a shocking rise in birth defects in Iraqi children conceived after the US invasion. The report also contains graphic images of Iraqi children born with birth defects. (The images were not published on RT due to their disturbing content.) It documents 56 families in Fallujah, which was invaded by US troops in 2004, and examines births in Basrah in southern Iraq, which was attacked by British forces in 2003. The study concludes that US and UK ammunition is responsible for high rates of miscarriages, toxic levels of lead and mercury contamination and spiraling numbers of birth defects, which ranged from congenital heart defects to brain dysfunctions and malformed limbs. Fallujah, around 40 miles west of Baghdad, was at the epicenter of these various health risks. The city was first invaded by US Marines in the spring of 2004, and then again 7 months later. Some of the heaviest artillery in the US arsenal was deployed during the attack, including phosphorus shells.

Shocking findings

Between 2007 and 2010 in Fallujah, more than half of all babies surveyed were born with birth defects. Before the war, this figure was around one in 10. Also, over 45 percent of all pregnancies surveyed ended in miscarriage in 2005 and 2006, compared to only 10 percent before the invasion. In Basrah’s Maternity Hospital, more than 20 babies out of 1,000 were born with defects in 2003, 17 times higher than the figure recorded in the previous decade. Overall, the study found that the number of babies in the region born with birth defects increased by more than 60 percent (37 out of every 1,000 are now born with defects) in the past seven years. This rise was linked to an increased exposure to metals released by the bombs and bullets used over the past decade

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