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Page nameDateAuthor(s)Subject(s)Description
BackToTheFuture.png12 October 2014Globalisation
Berlin-israel-wall.jpg15 November 2014Israel
Blair children.jpg30 November 2014Tony Blair
Bomb or behead.jpg31 August 2014"War on Terror"
BombForDemocracy.jpg26 September 2014
CameronTerrorQuiz.jpg6 October 2014"War on Terror"
ClimateChurch.jpg24 May 2015"Climate change"
Al Gore
Deir-yassin.jpg9 April 2015Israel
"The Holocaust"
Deir Yassin
Dependence on russia.jpg7 September 2014
Dollar-war-dees.jpg24 May 2015United States dollar/hegemony
EU and the bears oil.jpg1 January 2010Russia
European Union
FalseFlag.jpg26 October 2014False flag
Hiroshima terrorists.jpg1 January 2010War
War crime
Hollande Bonaparte.jpg18 October 2014Francoise Hollande
HongKongProtestor.png30 September 2014
IDF-Gaza-Teeshirt.jpg12 August 2014Israel/Defense Forces
IMF-Ethics.jpg20 August 2014
Isis-usa.jpg13 September 2014"War on Terror"
Israel-911.png25 November 2014"9-11/Israel did it"
ME-Terror-Guide.jpg10 September 2014"War on Terror"
Nato-terrorists.jpg1 January 2009"Terrorism"
Obama red line.jpg24 August 2014
Obama-Putin2.jpg29 August 2014
Obama-Putin3.jpg1 January 2010Vladimir Putin
OrwellRight.gif19 October 2014George Orwell
Poroshenko1.jpg1 January 20102014 Ukraine coup
PutinPee.jpg27 August 2014
Rebel-terrorist.jpg1 January 2010"War on Terror"
RussiaWantsWar.png19 September 2014Russia
The Great Game
Russian agression.jpg5 September 2014
RussianSanctionsReply.jpg15 August 2014
ScotlandYes.jpg15 September 2014
Simpsons-UK2015-ElectionResult.jpg8 May 2015UK/2015 general election
Sunny Sheu death certificate.jpg
Teft-Party.jpg9 September 2014The International Community
Tony-blair-war-criminal.jpg1 January 2010Tony Blair
TuskWailingWall.jpg1 September 2014
UK-Nazi-5Pound.jpg16 October 2014Covert action
US military aid 2014.jpg25 May 2015Israel
US military aid
US-Exceptionalism.jpg18 August 2014
USElectorate.jpg13 November 2014"Democracy"
Ukraine territory historical.jpeg6 September 2014Ukraine
Vladivostok airport sign.jpg23 October 2014Russian sanctions war 2014
WaterBucketChallenge.jpg1 January 2010Inequality
White-red-poppy-field.jpg30 October 2014World War I

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