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Concept.png Compartmentalisation 
An ancient technique of dividing information up between people to prevent the 'bigger picture' from being available to any of them.


Sibel Edmonds joined the FBI after 9-11 when they were very short of translators for Turkish languages. This lack of staff hindered compartmentalisation. She has testified how compartmentalisation prevented agents on the ground from forming a bigger picture of the intrigues they were involved in, but that she, as a translator, was better positioned to get an overview:

"The most important thing for people to get is we're not even looking at one big investigation, all these agents working together. They were chopped up and divided, but because I worked in the central place... other agents were sending their material to me... I was in this position to see all the dots being connected... These agents, while I was there, because I was the central person, they started connecting the dots."


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