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MottoSouvent me Souvient
(I often remember)
FounderWilliam Byngham


Alumni on Wikispooks

Rodric Braithwaite17 May 1932UKAuthor
Last UK Ambassador to USSR, first to post-soviet Russia. Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee 1992-3. 1993 Bilderberg
Sacha Baron Cohen13 October 1971UKComedian
Simon Collis23 February 1956Diplomat
James Chuter EdeUK
Stewart EldonSeptember 1953UKDiplomat
Deep state operative
UK DSO interested in "counter-corruption" and "National Security". Former UK/Permanent Representative to the North Atlantic Council, Institute for Statecraft
Matthew Hancock2 October 1978Politician
Stephen JollySeptember 1960UKPropagandist
Institute for Statecraft propagandist
John Jones17 February 19239 March 1998UKSpook
Civil servant
David Lea2 November 1937
David Mellor12 March 1949Politician
Martin Moore-Bick6 December 1946Judge
Louis Mountbatten25 June 190027 August 1979UKMariner
A man "of extremely low morals" according to an FBI file. Mentor to Charles Windsor.
Peter Oborne11 July 1957UKJournalistFormer Telegraph journalist who went independent
J. Robert Oppenheimer22 April 190418 February 1967USPhysicistDeveloper of the US atomic bomb.
Jan Smuts24 May 187011 September 1950South AfricaSoldier
Deep state operative
UK Deep state operative and twice Prime Minister of South Africa
Oliver Wright6 March 19221 September 2009Diplomat