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Date8 August 2023 - 11 August 2023
Interest of'GeoffCygnus', Michael McGrew, Shelby Thomson, Eric West
DescriptionThe city of Lāhainā, Hawaii was destroyed by fire.

The 2023 Hawaii wildfires destroyed the city of Lāhainā on the island of Maui.[1] Ryan Cristian of TLAV is investigating the story,[2][3][4][5] as well as some Youtubers, like Eric West.[6][7] The Hawaii Fire Department found an incendiary device on September 9th, possibly suggesting arson as a cause.[8] Extreme winds were occurring that day.

Official narrative

In early August 2023, a series of wildfires broke out in the U.S. state of Hawaii, predominantly on the island of Maui. The wind-driven fires prompted evacuations, caused widespread damage, and killed at least 80 people in the town of Lahaina. The proliferation of the wildfires was attributed to dry, gusty conditions created by a strong high-pressure area north of Hawaii and Hurricane Dora to the south.

An emergency declaration was signed on August 8, authorising several actions, including activation of the Hawaii National Guard, appropriate actions by the director of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency and the Administrator of Emergency Management, and the expenditure of state general revenue funds for relief of conditions created by the fires. By August 9, the state government of Hawaii issued a state of emergency for the entirety of the state. On August 10, U.S. president Joe Biden issued a federal major disaster declaration.

As of August 11, the 2023 Hawaii wildfires are the deadliest in the United States since the Camp Fire of 2018, in which 85 people were confirmed killed. For the Lahaina fire alone, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Pacific Disaster Center (PDC) estimated that over 2,200 buildings had been destroyed, including many historic landmarks in Lahaina, and estimated the damage caused by the fire at approximately $5.52 billion.[9]


Lahaina city has some of the more expensive real estate in the US.[10] The police seems to have blocked exit routes which trapped many people.[11] The German version of Russia Today carried an article that focused on the speculation on the usage of electromagnetic weaponry to clear the area for the construction of a smart city.[12] Local Youtubers have recorded burnt cars that were standing on an empty lot whose rims have melted away with no damage to surrounding buildings.[13][14]

Zerohedge reports that the local administration attempts an information blackout and Governor of Hawaii, Josh Green, told locals not to listen to information from social media and "influencers".[15] He said: "doing reporting through social media is idiotic".[16] Media is not allowed to do on the ground reporting,[17] even locals who try to film are ordered away.[18] Curtains are put up on the side of the road as to block the view on the disaster area.[19][20]

Eric West in a video interview with survivors who have lost their home, hints at the fact that videos are getting removed from phones of local people.[21]

The Hawaii State Department of Education reports that about 2,000 children are unaccounted for, as of August 21, 2023.[22]

Shelby Thomson makes the observation that the cars that have burned out at Front-Street all have their doors closed, indicating that the people did not get out and died inside, which seems implausible since there should be enough time to get out in a regular fire and into the water nearby. In her view this is also the reason why the area has been closed off and only FEMA and National Guard are allowed in - to make documentation of facts impossible.[23]

In an interview on the The Unjected Show, she makes the following observations:[24]

  • people who went in the disaster zone the day after said the streets were littered with corpses;
  • 3 million was spent to build the fence that blocks the view, this was a priority objective, before anything else;
  • FBI every 100 yards, National Guard at every corner, but it took FEMA six days to show up;
  • Soiltac dust suppressant is used because the remaining material may hold information on a molecular level how hot the fire was (she mentions car engines made of steel have melted);
  • Josh Green reversed the Sunshine-Laws three weeks before the fire, which allows for public discussions of land use;
  • the military leases on Pearl Harbor signed by Roosevelt are running out;
  • in the first week there was no government support, but authorities prevented Hawaii locals to bring supplies into Lahaina in the first days;
  • Coast Guard issued threats (that they will shoot) to boats that were searching for dead people and those who wanted to bring supplies;
  • reasons for this were claims of asbestos (but government searches afterwards never wore masks) and (still) ongoing fires, she suspects that the real reason was that citizens should not see the high number of corpses in the burn zone;
  • during the event, cars malfunctioned: did not start and doors did not open;
  • later people on the island had problems with their car batteries and electronic problems with their cars in general (she had malfunctions with her car as well);
  • a local in the first days pulled 300 people from the sea wall and streets when government forces were doing nothing, or instead started to build the fence first;
  • sirens are tested monthly and are also used for warn of wild fires, but remained silent on purpose (the official responsible is a fall guy, but later also an explanation was issued that they did not work that day)
  • people only realized the fire is close when other's started screaming;
  • pilot logs are getting erased, 30 % are missing from the Air Traffic Control website (OGG);
  • the military has a directed energy weapon installed on the island;
  • she has received a video with one corpse in the middle of the road, no burn marks around him/her, half of the body is intact (so you can read the T-Shirt), the other half is completely burned;
  • the wind came from the mountain side that day (from inside the island) which is unusual and was blamed on a hurricane that was 700 miles out - this does not make sense, since it's position (the hurricane) would have caused winds from the sea and radar data indicates that clouds in between were undisturbed;
  • the governor already announced that not many body parts will be found, a reporter from Kentucky who asked him questions about missing people was almost arrested and escorted out;
  • the morning of the fire military subs were spotted at sea;
  • the police was blocking every exit from Lahaina, no water in the fire hydrants;
  • some blue things seem to not have burnt, melted or have been scorched;

Death toll

The death toll was reported to be 115 until mid-September 2023; as of 21st September Wikipedia lists 97+ victims based on a report by AP from September 18th.[25][26] Some locals believe that the death toll might be much higher, based on the fact that accounting is withheld, or not done in an open way.[27]

"Space lasers"

To dismiss any actual conspiracies and suspicious possibilities, the media reported viral, faked images "showing" the use of "lasers shot from space".[28]. This is likely a debunker tactic similar to no plane theory of World Trade Center attacks.


'Lionel': What Really Caused the Maui Fires
Jonathan Herzog (August 11, 2023) Maui Lahaina Wild Fire Escape
Jonathan Petramala (Aug 17, 2023) Chaotic Maui Evacuation: Police Block Exits As Wildfire Forces Ocean Escape

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