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Behind the glossy image projected by the WEF promoters lies an easily decipherable plan to harshly restrict freedom of movement
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Preventative measure to mitigate climate change or part of a nascent global control grid?

The idea of a 15-minute city is that all necessary amenities such as food and general shopping, healthcare, schools, recreation and sports facilities and green areas should be reachable for all inhabitants within a 15-minute walk or bike ride.

While the village-style urban planning in principle is an excellent idea, when introduced as part of technocratic deep state agendas it becomes sinister, combined with the openly admitted plans for extreme reduction in cars, omnipresent surveillance ("smart city"[1]) and, programmable money and digital ID systems, where it would in effect eliminate freedom of movement and herd people into small reservations, possibly under the pretext of pandemic lockdowns or climate lockdowns.

Official narrative

Even the mere notion that the 15-minute city will be used for climate lockdowns is a "conspiracy theory".[2] This despite that several powerful groups[3] and people, like Bilderberg attendee Mariana Mazzucato have said just that.

World Economic Forum

The concept is promoted by the World Economic Forum,[4] where the plans became globally omnipresent by 2023.[5][6] In March 2022, the WEF published an article arguing the model would be critical for dealing with shocks caused by "climate change and global conflict."[7][8]

WEF author Lisa Chamberlain wrote that Covid lockdowns gave the idea new relevance, envisaging that implementing the idea would require sacrifice, or "creative destruction brought on by a technical revolution."[9]

Efforts to pilot the 15-minute city are largely driven by C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group[10], made up of over a hundred mayors of cities from around the world, funded by major corporations and "philanthropic" foundations and focused on urban activism for climate change.[11]


One of the most effective means of containing resistance movements during counter-insurgency operations involves total population movement control. Movement between towns and cities must be controlled. Natural barriers can be used, and check points, and holding areas. All entrances to a town or city must have check points to determine whether a vehicle should be allowed to enter.[12]


On 19 February 2023, a protest against LTNs (Low Traffic Neighbourhoods) was held in Oxford. There were five arrests.[13]

James Corbett said:

The people get herded into these 15-minute cities so that when you are allowed by the loving masters of the techne, you’ll be allowed to travel from one little 15-minute city to another, if your social credit score is high enough.

“This is not about saving the earth as I have said 8 million times … This is exactly how they create the infrastructure for the climate lockdowns of the future …

“This is about that long-term vision of the future in which we will be herded into these small cities.[14]


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