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The War party is what analyst's call people in the Military-industrial-congressional complex of the United States, that have a drive towards war and conflict,[1][2] the "hawkish attitude".

The neocons, in part the signatories to their letters, and certain senators or congressman, like John McCain, can be called classical examples of the War party.

Michael Hudson in an interview with Pepe Escobar, in March 2021, said the following:

“The Americans want war. The people that Biden has appointed have an emotional hatred of Russia. I’ve spoken to government people who are close to the Democratic Party, and they’ve told me that there’s a pathological emotional desire for war with Russia, largely stemming from the fact that the Tzars were anti-Semitic and there’s still the hatred about their ancestors: “Look what they did to my great-grandfather.” And so they’re willing to back the Nazis, back the anti-Semites in Ukraine. They’re willing to back today’s anti-Semites all over the world as long as they’re getting back at this emotional focus on a kind of post 19th-century economy.
I’ve met these people. Their emotion is one of hatred and anger. You can look at their face and see what they’ve become. This is really dangerous. They are crazy. And Putin is quite right. America has got its power by breaking contracts.”

Michael Hudson (24 March 2021)  [3]

(according to some, Victoria Nuland is an example of this.[4])

This view is shared by Jacob Dreizin, who writes about his own experiences in Washington:[5]

Having the “ethnic background” (I was born in Israel), and having worked around some of the organized Jewish community types in Washington, and known others, and read all their favorite pundits, I can tell you, they tend to hate Russia.


The War Party, which existed before the Texas Revolution, represented a faction within the Anglo-American population of Texas that helped to sway public opinion in favor of armed conflict with the rest of Mexico in the crucial time between 1832 and 1835. The War Party and its counterpart, the Peace Party, cannot be defined easily because they were not established political parties, but rather labels for persons of opposing political dispositions-that is, "party" members did not label themselves by these terms but instead described the opposition with them.[6]


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