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Interests • 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine
• 2014 Ukraine coup/Civil war
• US/Republican Party
• US/Democratic Party

Jacob Dreizin is a former US/Army soldier who publishes military analysis of the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine on his website; as a Russian speaker he is a close observer of the civil war in Ukraine since 2014.

War analysis

One of his concerns is that some Javelins that have been sent to Ukraine will enter the black market and may be used to shoot down civilian airliners at some point in the future.

He also thinks that Ukraine's nuclear power plants have a maintenance problem, since funding was diverted elsewhere in recent years and their overall condition is critical.[1][2]

“Uncle Sam is on track to offload just about all his surplus gear onto the Ukraine. He’s just getting warmed up. They are talking about self-propelled cannon and hundreds of M113 armored vehicles, not to mention 40,000 rounds for the cannon, counterbattery radar stations, helicopters, you name it. [...]
Sending more, larger, and heavier equipment to the Ukraine, won’t do anything, other than seal the total destruction of the Ukraine, and its transformation into a starving European Somalia with nuclear power plants. As I’ve written before, Russia will escalate by destroying the bridges over the Dniepr, preventing the equipment from reaching its destination, while also permanently destroying what’s left of the Ukraine’s economy, making the eastern half totally dependent on Russia for its subsistence.”

Jacob Dreizin (17 April 2022)  [3]


On Donald Trump / GOP politics:

“After seeing the (to this day) vakk-seen promoting, 1/6 prisoner-ignoring, Ukraine-loving, Dr. Oz-endorsing, clueless joke that Trump has become, I can tell you this: MAGA is now an illusion, forget it, it failed. It’s not coming back. It’s just a cheap ticket for opportunistic “outsiders” to nail down the pissed-off vote in GOP primaries. The “we need to keep electing MAGA people, and after ten or twenty elections, we’ll finally save the country” track is RIDICULOUS. By the time of the second election, the first crop would be busy fundraising with Big Pharm and the military-industrial complex, LOL.”
Jacob Dreizin (10 May 2022)  [4]


A Document by Jacob Dreizin

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Document:War CrimesArticle9 October 2022Ukraine/Death squad
War crime
Maksym Zhorin
2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine
Azov Battalion
An article that was written on the occurrence of the disposal of civilians posted in video by Maksim Zhorin.


A Quote by Jacob Dreizin

2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine/Legacy“It’s public now, directors of the U.S. CIA and Russian SVR recently discussed how to resolve the Ukraine. The Ukraine war ends soon enough, because the U.S. and its hegemonic bloc STRAIGHT UP RUN OUT OF AMMO by the first months of next year, IN THE VERY “BEST” CASE (for them.) That is, they’ll be able to supply the Ukraine minimally after that, but, NOT REMOTELY enough to keep Russia at bay.”17 July 2023
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