Partners In Health

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Group.png Partners In Health  
Founder• Paul Farmer
• Jim Yong Kim
• Ophelia Dahl
• Thomas J. White
• Todd McCormack
HeadquartersBoston, Massachusetts
Sponsored byBill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Open Society Foundations, The Ford Foundation


Clinton Foundation.[1]



Bill & Melinda Gates FoundationVery influential and rich foundation established to take leadership of global health.
Open Society FoundationsA NGO operating in more countries than McDonald's. It has the tendency to support politicians (at times through astroturfing) and activists that get branded as "extreme left" as its founder is billionaire and bane of the pound George Soros. This polarizing perspective causes the abnormal influence of the OSF to go somewhat unanswered.
The Ford FoundationIn addition to its own billionaire agenda, also known to have been $$$ middleman for covert CIA funding.


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