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Concept.png Wi-Fi 
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StartSeptember 1998
Interest ofMaryanne Demasi

Wi-Fi is a means of wireless communication developed to deliver internet.


The typical range of Wifi is sufficient for use as the 'last hop' of internet delivery. Publicly available


Some governments, such as that of Germany have passed restrictive laws, attempting to prevent the use of wifi to proved anonymous internet access.

Bomb triggering

A May 2019 article in The Register stated that several instances of wifi-triggered bombs occured in the Middle East and one in Indonesia, which used a wifi signal broadcast a kilmoeter.[1]

Wi-Fi room imaging

WiFi is electromagnetic waves in the 2.4 and 5 GHz ranges. It’s the same thing as the light you see, only it can penetrate walls due to its much longer wavelength. Just like light (and echolocation) these waves also reflect off various surfaces and, when reconstructed properly, can be used to create an image.[2] by the 2020s, technological advances made it possible to track one's precise physical location, movement, and other physiological properties, where some systems can "detect the pose of humans in a room based solely on the WiFi signals passing through the environment."[3]

In 2019, former DARPA contractor Ray Liu created a company with technology is so accurate that it can sense people's breathing using nothing but standard WiFi signals.[4]

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