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Group.png Integrity Initiative/Cluster/UK/Inner Core
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Parent organizationIntegrity Initiative/Cluster/UK
Membership• Duncan Allen
• Anne Applebaum
• Vladimir Ashurkov
• Chris Bell
• Jeremy Blackham
• Ian Bond
• Adrian Bradshaw
• William Browder
• Neil Logan Brown
• Catherine Crozier
• Ahmed Dassu
• Charles Dick
• Rob Dover
• David Fields
• Drew Foxall
• Keir Giles
• Euan Grant
• Joe Green
• Robert Hall
• Giles Harris
• Charlie Hornick
• Nina Jancowicz
• Paul Kitching
• Vadim Kleiner
• Kadri Liik
• Bobo Lo
• John Lough
• Ed Lucas
• Mungo Melvin
• Ben Nimmo
• James Nixey
• Craig Oliphant
• Alan Parfitt
• Andy Pryce
• Arron Rahaman
• David Ryall
• Rob Sandford
• Andrew Sharpe
• James Sherr
• Richard Slack
• Nick Smith
• Igor Sutyagin
• Joanna Szostek
• Nick Washer
• Andrew Wood
The Integrity Initiative's UK Inner Core Cluster

Not to be confused with the Outer core.

The Inner Core Cluster of the Integrity Initiative was leaked in the first Integrity Initiative Leak. As of 2022 its operational function within the group remains uncertain although its importance is suggested by the fact that several of its members have senior positions in groups believed to lie close to the heart of the UK Deep state such as NATO, Chatham House and RUSI.

UK Deep state precedent

The Anglo-American Establishment.jpg

The name "inner core" is reminiscent of Carroll Quigley's description of the Milner Group, an earlier incarnation of the UK deep state. His posthumously published study of The Anglo-American Establishment structured the group into three concentric rings with the "Society of the Elect" at the center, followed by the "Inner Circle" and then the "Outer Circle".

Selected Examples

The Mary Poppins of disinformation.jpg


Known members

19 of the 45 of the members already have pages here:

Anne ApplebaumIntegrity Initiative/Cluster/UK/Inner Core, didn’t think that Hunter Biden's laptop qualified as a major news story.
Vladimir AshurkovAlexey Navalny team member caught several times playing footsie with British intelligence services
Bill BrowderSpooky businessman. At one point the largest foreign investor in Russia, barred from entering Russia in 2005, he has actively worked for regime change since then.
Catherine CrozierA "Strategic Communications Advisor" listed as a member of the Inner Core of the Integrity Initiative's UK cluster
Robert DoverUK academic with a special interest in UK/Western intelligence agencies. Institute for Statecraft, as is at least one of his graduate students. His name had been removed from the IfS website by 10 January 2019.
Keir GilesRussophobic UK deep state operative, member of Integrity Initiative.
Euan GrantSpooky journalist/propagandist who worked for the Integrity Initiative interested in financial fraud. "His main forte is thinking strategically and has experience working in many countries around the world."
Nina JankowiczAn Integrity Initiative's Inner Core member who styled herself "The Mary Poppins of disinformation", nominal head of a US DoDS internet censorship project in 2022 which was disbanded amid condemnation and ridicule. In 2024 she resurfaced as head of the "American Sunlight Project".
Kadri LiikEstonian journalist Russia’s Strategy on NATO'S Eastern and Southern Flanks replete with fellow IfS UK inner core members, ECFR
John LoughSuspected deep state operative, joined the Institute for Statecraft in 2008, director of the Future Of Russia Foundation, Chatham House
Edward LucasNATO/II journalist
Mungo MelvinMajor-General and "outstanding intellectual" at the Institute for Statecraft
Ben Nimmo"Nimmo is a former spokesperson for NATO, who has essentially dedicated his career to fear-mongering about Russia."
Craig OliphantMember of the Integrity Initiative's Integrity Initiative/Cluster/UK/Inner Core
Andy PryceHead of 'Counter Disinformation and Media Development' at the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office in London
James SherrMember of the Institute for Statecraft, Chatham House, RUSI Director
Richard SlackA member of the Inner Core of the Integrity Initiative's UK cluster
Igor SutyaginRussian exposed as a member of the Integrity Initiative's Inner Core cluster.
Andy WoodUK Ambassador to Russia (1995-2000), Institute for Statecraft...
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