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Member ofAfrican Union, Commonwealth of Nations, International Criminal Court, La Francophonie, Organisation of African Unity, UN
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The Seychelles is an island nation off Africa.


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In 2021 a lot of the population were injected with the "COVID-19 vaccines". The country had no COVID deaths until January 2021, but saw "an explosion in cases" after the vaccine drive.[1]

1981 Seychelles coup d'état attempt

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In 1978, Seychelles exiles in South Africa, acting on behalf of ex-president James Mancham, discussed with South African Government officials launching a coup d'état against the new president France-Albert René. The military option was decided in Washington, D.C., due to United States' concerns over access to its new military base on Diego Garcia island, the necessity to move operations from the Seychelles to Diego Garcia, and the determination that René was not someone who would be in favour of the Americans.

Associates of Mancham contacted Mike Hoare, then in South Africa as a civilian resident, to fight alongside fifty-three other mercenary soldiers, including ex-South African Special Forces (Recces), former Rhodesian soldiers, and ex-Congo mercenaries.[2]

Hoare got together, in November 1981, a group of white, middle class mercenaries, and dubbed them "Ye Ancient Order of Froth Blowers" (AOFB) after a charitable English social club of the 1920s. In order for the plan to work, he disguised the mercenaries as a rugby club, and hid AK-47s in the bottom of his luggage, as he explained in his book The Seychelles Affair:

"We were a Johannesburg beer-drinking club. We met formally once a week in our favourite pub in Braamfontein. We played Rugby. Once a year we organised a holiday for our members. We obtained special charter rates. Last year we went to Mauritius. In the best traditions of the original AOFB we collected toys for underprivileged kids and distributed them to orphanages ... I made sure the toys were as bulky as possible and weighed little. Rugger footballs were ideal. These were packed in the special baggage above the false bottom to compensate for the weight of the weapon."[3]



Seychelles/1981 coup attempt


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Albert René16 November 193527 February 2019President of Seychelles from 1977 to 2004 from the country's sole legal political party. Survived a 1981 Seychelles coup attempt organised by the South African Institute for Maritime Research
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