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Concept.png Philanthrope 
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Formerly a neutral term, now absorbed by PR agencies to white or green wash criminal activity.

A philanthrope is a person who supports artists, fine arts (sometimes as collector) and more recently, any other cause that may be considered beneficial to society. For people with very big fortunes the work is mostly done through foundations.

The term implies - by definition - altruistic motives. It is often used for impression management by psychopaths and PR companies.

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Andrew CarnegieAndrew Carnegie was regarded in his day not just as a robber baron but--after the Homestead Strike of 1892, in which hired guards killed seven striking steelworkers--as a plutocrat with blood on his hands. He reshaped his image by giving away most of his fortune during his lifetime, and today he is remembered less for the strike than for his phrase 'the man who dies disgraced.'”Andrew Carnegie
Andy Serwer
Jeanne Lee
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