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"“Lone nut”"
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BornMartin John Bryant
7 May 1967
Tasmania, Australia
Supposed perpetrator ofPort Arthur Massacre
The official "lone nut" perpetrator of the Port Arthur Massacre, with an IQ of just 66.

Martin Bryant is a man of borderline intellectual functioning who, according to the official narrative, was responsible for the Port Arthur Massacre.

Official narrative

The Port Arthur Massacre was carried out by Australian Martin Bryant. He had such limited mental faculties (an IQ of 66)[1] that he received a disability pension, though he also worked as a handyman and gardener.[2]

Bryant's social ineptness made him increasingly angry and he provided conflicting and confused accounts of what led him to carry out the massacre at Port Arthur, Tasmania on 28 April 1996. He allegedly told a next door neighbour, "I'll do something that will make everyone remember me," and the attack may have been a cry for attention.

He was captured after a standoff with police of over 18 hours.[3]


Shooting skill

Bryant's low IQ and mental problems would not tend to suggest that he had the ability to become a crack marksman. The official narrative however features some unexpectedly sharp shooting. For example, a section of the Wikipedia page, as of May 16, 2015 stated that: "Within fifteen seconds, [Bryant] had fired seventeen shots, killing twelve people and wounding ten. Bryant then walked to the other side of the shop and fired 12 more times, killing another eight people while wounding two."[4]


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