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Small Oxford college with some deep state operatives

Linacre College is a constituent college of the University of Oxford in the UK whose members comprise approximately 50 fellows and 550 postgraduate students.

Linacre is a diverse college in terms of both the international composition of its members (the majority of whom are from outside the UK and represent 133 countries), as well as the disciplines studied. The college has a strong environmental ethos and has gained a reputation as the 'green' college of Oxford through a number of environmental initiatives over the years including an official sustainability policy.[1]

Public lectures

Linacre runs two major public lectures each year:

Linacre Lectures on the Environment

Throughout its history the college has run an annual series of Linacre Lectures open to non-members, the first of which were given by Brian Aldiss, Robert Graves and Isaiah Berlin. Since 1991 these public lectures have focused on environmental challenges.[2]

  • 2017: John Knox, "Global Threats to Environmental Human Rights Defenders".[3]
  • 2014: Michael Oppenheimer, "Migration, Interconnection, Conflict: Emergent Issues and Indirect Impacts in IPCC’s Fifth Assessment"[4]
  • 2013: Mike Gidney, David Heath, and Gordon McGranahan on "Food Security and Sustainability"[5]
  • 2012: Carl Folke, Robert Costanza, and others on "Environmental Governance and Resilience"[5]
  • 2011: Lester R. Brown, Paul Ekins, and others on "Riding the Perfect Storm"[6]

Tanner Lectures on Human Values


Alumni on Wikispooks

Carolyn Browne19 October 1958UKDiplomatBritish diplomat with interest in weapons of mass destruction
Neil Ferguson1968UKAcademic
Deep state functionary
Academic used by the UK deep state to create frightening epidemiological models. In 2020 his group promoted the UK COVID Lockdown. Resigned from the SAGE after breaking the lockdown rules.
David Kelly14 May 194417 July 2003UKWhistleblowerDr David Kelly, a UN weapons inspector who died in highly suspicious circumstances
P. Michael McKinleyJanuary 1954USDiplomatCareer US diplomat. Ambassador to a number of countries of deep state interest. Part of the organized resignation campaign against Donald Trump
Ronald Olson9 July 1941USLawyer
Deep state operative